An Illuminating Look at Razer Keyboard Capabilities

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Razer Keyboard

If you’re at all into gaming gear, then you’ve definitely heard of Razer. They’re pretty much kings of the hill when it comes to making awesome gaming keyboards that every player wishes they could own. Founded in 1998, the company has established itself as a leader in high-performance gaming gear. Razer offers a wide selection of keyboard models designed specifically with gaming in mind. From compact tenkeyless options to full-sized boards with macro keys, Razer’s lineup has a keyboard for every type of gamer.

The two main categories of Razer gaming keyboards are membrane keyboards like the Cynosa V2, and mechanical keyboards which utilize premium switches from Cherry or Razer’s own in-house switch designs. Mechanical keyboards provide a very responsive and satisfying typing experience with each key press.

Features of Razer Keyboards

Ergonomic design

Many Razer keyboards are crafted with ergonomics in mind to ensure comfort during extended gaming sessions. They often feature a lightweight, sturdy build with wrist rests. Some models have a tenkeyless design with the number pad removed, providing more room for mouse movement.

Mechanical switches

Higher-end Razer keyboard utilize premium mechanical key switches, which provide tactical feedback and satisfying clicky sounds with each keystroke. Popular switch options include:

Cherry MX switches

Cherry MX switches are made by the leading switch manufacturer Cherry. Options like the Cherry MX Blue, Brown, and Red switches each provide a unique tactile feel and audible click.

Razer keyboard switches

Razer also produces its own proprietary mechanical switches for keyboards like the Huntsman. These switches are designed specifically for gaming with short actuation points for rapid-fire keystrokes. Popular Razer switch types include the Purple, Green, and Yellow switches.

RGB lighting

Nearly all Razer keyboards come equipped with RGB lighting customization. This allows gamers to customize each individual key with colorful dynamic lighting effects and reactive illumination that responds to in-game events.

Macro keys and media controls

Many Razer gaming keyboards have dedicated macro keys for programming custom commands. The keyboards also include media keys for convenient playback control of music and videos while gaming.


Razer keyboards are built to withstand heavy daily use thanks to their solid construction and durable materials. For example, many Razer keyboards use aircraft-grade aluminum top plates for added rigidity.

Popular Razer Keyboard Models

Razer Huntsman lineup

The Huntsman series consists of Razer’s most advanced optical gaming keyboards.

Huntsman Elite

The flagship Huntsman Elite uses Razer’s own opto-mechanical switch technology for extremely fast actuation. It offers a premium build with RGB wrist rest and media dial.

Huntsman V2

A more streamlined optical keyboard equipped with fast linear optical switches, RGB lighting, and other great gaming features.

Razer BlackWidow lineup

The popular BlackWidow line features Razer’s high-end mechanical gaming keyboards.

BlackWidow V3

Razer’s latest full-sized BlackWidow model with advanced features like triple media keys, digital dial, and wrist rest. Equipped with Razer mechanical switches.

BlackWidow V3 Mini

A compact 65% version of the BlackWidow for more desktop space. Has Hypershift to double the functions of each key.

Razer Cynosa V2

An affordable membrane gaming keyboard with per-key RGB lighting, spill resistance, and quiet typing. Great for gamers on a budget.

Razer Keyboard

Benefits of Using a Razer Keyboard

Enhanced gaming performance

With their optimized gaming designs, Razer keyboard can help improve your gaming skills and give you a competitive edge. The fast switches, macro keys, and other features let you react quicker and execute commands more efficiently.

Customizable options

From the RGB lighting colors to macro programming, you can customize your Razer keyboard to match your style and gaming needs. This versatility makes a Razer keyboard feel personalized.

Premium build quality

Razer uses high-end materials like aircraft-grade aluminum to ensure a rigid, durable build that can handle intense gaming. The keyboards feel very solidly constructed and made to last.

Aesthetically pleasing

With their sleek black finish and per-key RGB lighting, Razer keyboards look great on any gaming desk setup. The colorful light effects add style and atmosphere to your gameplay.

Drawbacks of Razer Keyboards

Expensive compared to competitors

The premium features and brand name of Razer does come at a price. Razer keyboards are generally more expensive than comparable models from other brands.

Software can be buggy

Some users report issues with Razer Synapse, the software used to customize and control devices. Bugs can hamper functionality.

Not ideal for typing-focused tasks

Although great for gaming, Razer keyboard may not provide the most comfortable typing experience for day-to-day productivity compared to keyboards more focused on ergonomics.


Razer makes some of the best high-performance gaming keyboards on the market. Their keyboards provide gamers with very responsive controls, extensive customization options, and aggressive gaming aesthetics. While on the pricier side, Razer keyboards are well-built to give you a competitive edge and enhance your gameplay. Just be aware of potential software issues, and that these keyboards prioritize gaming over typing comfort. For serious gamers who want a true gaming keyboard to take their play to the next level, Razer offers some top notch options worth considering.


Q: Are all Razer keyboards mechanical?

A: No, Razer offers both mechanical and membrane keyboard options. The Huntsman and BlackWidow lines use premium mechanical switches, while the Cynosa V2 uses a high-end membrane design.

Q: Can you customize the RGB lighting on a Razer keyboard?

A: Yes, all Razer keyboards allow you to customize each key’s colors and effects through the Razer Synapse software. There are many preset patterns, and you can program your own.

Q: Does Razer keyboard work with other brands’ mice and gear?

A: Yes, Razer keyboards are universally compatible. You can use them with any brand of mouse, headset or other peripherals.

Q: How do you program macro keys on a Razer keyboard?

A: Razer includes dedicated software called Razer Synapse for programming macro commands on any key. You can set up complex macros by recording a sequence of keystrokes.

Q: Are Razer keyboards good for typing/productivity?

A: Razer keyboards are designed primarily for gaming performance rather than typing comfort. They can be used for regular typing, but may not be as comfortable as an ergonomic office keyboard.

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