Apple Watch Series 9 Delivers Revolutionary Crash Detection That Could Save Lives

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Apple Watch Series 9

The Apple Watch Series 9 represents the latest iteration of Apple’s popular smartwatch line. Launching in September 2022, the Series 9 retains a similar form factor to previous models but includes incremental enhancements in key areas like health sensors, safety features, and battery life.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide a detailed look at everything the Apple Watch Series 9 has to offer. We’ll examine what’s new and improved compared to older Apple Watch models and help you determine if upgrading is worthwhile.

Whether you’re an existing Apple Watch owner or considering your very first smartwatch, the Series 9 deserves a close look. Read on for an in-depth exploration of Apple’s newest wearable.

An Overview of the Apple Watch Series 9’s Upgrades and Enhancements

While keeping the same core design, the Apple Watch Series 9 provides meaningful upgrades in the following areas:

New Temperature Sensor

A first for the Apple Watch line, the Series 9 introduces a temperature sensor intended for insights into women’s health patterns. The sensor can detect minute skin temperature changes to enable advanced cycle tracking.

Refined Health Tracking

In addition to the temperature sensor, the Series 9 beefs up health tracking capabilities with an enhanced accelerometer and always-on altimeter for more accurate metrics.

Improved Battery Life

Through hardware and software optimizations, Apple extended the Series 9’s battery to reach up to 18 hours of normal usage between charges.

Crash Detection

Utilizing new motion sensors, the Apple Watch Series 9 adds the ability to detect severe car crashes and automatically contact emergency services if you’re unresponsive.

Durable Design

With features like crack-resistant front crystal and WR50 water resistance, the Series 9 maintains the Apple Watch’s reputation for durability and wearability.

With these upgrades, the Series 9 aims to be the most advanced and refined Apple Watch model for health, safety, and daily use. Next, we’ll dive into all the details of the key features.

A Comprehensive Look at the Apple Watch Series 9’s Features and Capabilities

The Apple Watch Series 9 retains the same form factor as previous models, with 41mm and 45mm size options in aluminum and stainless steel bodies. However, it’s what’s inside that counts – here are the standout features of the Series 9:

New Temperature Sensor for Women’s Health

One highly anticipated addition is the temperature sensor intended for insights into women’s health patterns. By detecting minute wrist temperature changes as low as 0.1°C, the Series 9 can identify ovulation times and enable advanced cycle tracking and notifications. This provides a helpful new dimension for family planning.

Crash Detection for Severe Collisions

Leveraging new accelerometers and gyroscopes, the Series 9 introduces innovative car crash detection capabilities. If the watch senses a severe collision, it will trigger Emergency SOS after 10 seconds without movement. This automatically calls emergency services and notifies your emergency contacts for help.

Longer 18-Hour Battery Life

Through battery chemistry improvements and power efficiencies in watchOS 9, Apple extended the regular usage battery lifespan on the Series 9 to 18 hours – around 6 hours more than older models. This allows for overnight wear without charging.

Durable Design with WR50 Water Resistance

Apple Watch already had a reputation for resilience, and the Series 9 takes it further with a more crack-resistant front crystal display and WR50 water resistance rating. Apple says the Series 9 is swim-proof and can be used for activities like high-velocity water sports.

Advanced Health Sensors

In addition to the new temperature sensor, the Apple Watch Series 9 includes other health-related sensors like a blood oxygen app, ECG app, improved accelerometer for fall detection, always-on altimeter for elevation tracking, and extensive sleep cycle monitoring.

Fitness Tracking and Motivation

With an array of workout types from running to swimming to yoga and dance, the Apple Watch Series 9 provides detailed fitness metrics to motivate you to close your rings and stick to goals. Customizable faces cater to popular sports.

The Apple Watch Series 9 combines incremental but meaningful upgrades to health sensing, safety, durability, and battery life to create the most advanced Apple Watch yet. Next we’ll compare it to older models.

How the Apple Watch Series 9 Compares to Previous Generations

The Apple Watch Series 9 retains the same overall design and feel as the Series 8, Series 7, and Series 6. But under the hood, the Series 9 includes worthwhile improvements. Here’s how it stacks up:

Versus Series 8

The Series 9 and 8 share nearly identical designs and core feature sets. The key advantages of the Series 9:

  • Temperature sensor for women’s health tracking
  • Extended 18-hour battery life over Series 8’s 12-hour
  • New car crash detection safety feature

For most users, these incremental upgrades don’t necessitate upgrading from a Series 8. But they provide benefits for new buyers choosing between the two latest models.

Versus Series 7

Compared to the Series 7, the Series 9 pulls further ahead thanks to:

  • Even longer battery life – around 12 hours more than Series 7
  • Temperature and women’s health tracking
  • Advanced crash detection capabilities
  • Improved durability with stronger crystal and WR50 rating

The refined health sensors, safety features, and battery make the Series 9 a worthwhile step up from the year-old Series 7.

Versus Series 6

The leaps are even more pronounced when comparing the Series 9 against 2020’s Series 6:

  • Significantly longer battery life – around 8 more hours
  • New temperature and women’s health tracking
  • Crash detection for emergencies
  • Stronger screen durability and water resistance

The Series 9 provides some compelling reasons for Series 6 owners to consider upgrading after 2+ years of use.

While subtle year-over-year, the Apple Watch Series 9 combines several small enhancements that make a meaningful difference in daily use – especially compared to models released 2 or more years ago.

Let’s take a closer look at how these upgrades translate to real-world experiences.

Hands-On Reviews and Real-World Testing of the Apple Watch Series 9

While the technology under the hood is important, real-world testing reveals how well a device performs for actual users. Here are some key insights from hands-on Apple Watch Series 9 reviews:

All-Day Battery Life Confirmed

Reviewers uniformly confirm that Apple’s claims of 18 hours of battery life hold true under normal usage. Many noted reaching a full 24+ hours before needing to charge. This delivered relief from daily charging worries.

Crash Detection Works as Advertised

Reviewers found the new crash detection feature quickly sensed simulated collisions during driving tests. Within seconds of a serious simulated crash with no movement, it triggered Emergency SOS alerts as intended.

Temperature Sensor Interesting but Limited

While reviewers found the temperature sensor data interesting, most noted its restricted utility for deeper women’s health insight due to needing ongoing calibration over many menstrual cycles. It’s a good first step but not a revolutionary feature yet.

Refined Fitness Tracking

Thanks to the improved accelerometer and always-on altimeter, reviewers noted small but noticeable improvements in tracking accuracy across various workouts and activities. Metrics better reflected real-world effort.

Durability Up to Apple’s Claims

Reviewers noted the stronger crystal display and water resistance held up well across drops, knocks, and dunks in water. While not indestructible, the durability improvements instill confidence.

Overall, reviewers found the Apple Watch Series 9 provides genuine improvements to battery life, safety, durability, and health tracking. While not revolutionary, the enhancements contribute to a markedly refined user experience.

Let’s now look at how Apple Watch Series 9 pricing shakes out.

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9 Pricing and Where to Buy

The Apple Watch Series 9 starts at $399 for the 41mm aluminum GPS model, and $429 for the 45mm aluminum GPS version. Here is a full pricing breakdown:

  • 41mm aluminum GPS model: $399
  • 41mm aluminum Cellular model: $499
  • 45mm aluminum GPS model: $429
  • 45mm aluminum Cellular model: $529
  • 41mm stainless steel GPS model: $699
  • 41mm stainless steel Cellular model: $799
  • 45mm stainless steel GPS model: $749
  • 45mm stainless steel Cellular model: $849

Higher-end materials like titanium and Edition models with unique bands can cost $800 and up. Extra bands range from $49 to $149 for premium options.

The Apple Watch Series 9 is carried at these major retailers:

Apple Online and Retail Stores

Purchasing directly from Apple offers perks like custom laser engraving and sometimes bundled gift cards. Apple also occasionally offers discounts for trade-ins of older models.

Apple Authorized Resellers

Major resellers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target sell the Apple Watch Series 9 at the same standard retail pricing as Apple. They frequently offer sales around the holidays.

Wireless Carriers

AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and other carriers often sell the cellular Apple Watch models at a discount or with plan bundles. This can save $50-100+ off retail.


Letting early adopters take the depreciation can save 40% or more if buying a gently used Series 9 from sites like eBay, Swappa, or Decluttr. Be sure to verify the condition first.

For most buyers, brand new through Apple or authorized sellers provide the best experience and assurance. But bargains can be found for those willing to go used or refurbished.

Let’s wrap up with a final verdict on who can benefit most from the Series 9.

Who is the Apple Watch Series 9 Best For? Final Verdict

The Apple Watch Series 9 is an iterative improvement over previous models, not a revolutionary leap. However, the upgrades across health tracking, safety, durability, and battery life contribute to a notably refined user experience.

Here are some of the best buyers and use cases for the Apple Watch Series 9:

Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

For those focused on closing rings, workout metrics, and monitoring overall wellness, the improved sensors and battery make the Series 9 a compelling upgrade.

Users Coming From Series 5 or Older

While perhaps not essential when upgrading from Series 7 or 8, the enhancements feel more impactful for those with older Apple Watch models from 2+ years ago.

Those Seeking Maximum Safety and Peace of Mind

If car crash detection, fall monitoring, emergency calling, and the like provide peace of mind, the Series 9 is worth the upgrade.

Frequent Travelers and Road Warriors

The extra battery life plus safety features make the Series 9 ideal for those on the move who spend long hours away from chargers.

Shoppers Seeking a High-End Smartwatch

The Apple Watch has few rivals in terms of luxury design, deep integration with iOS, vibrant app ecosystem, and breadth of features. The Series 9 is the latest and greatest.

While perhaps not essential, the Apple Watch Series 9 provides refinements that make a great smartwatch experience even better. For new buyers or upgraders from older models, it merits strong consideration as the crown jewel of Apple Watch releases so far. We expect it to only get incrementally better from here.

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