Is the Fujifilm XT4 the Perfect All Around Mirrorless Camera? Our In-Depth Review

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Fujifilm XT4

The Fujifilm XT4 is one of the most powerful APS-C mirrorless cameras available today. As the successor to the hugely popular X-T3, it takes everything that made that camera great and adds several major improvements. In this in-depth review, we’ll examine the Fujifilm XT4’s design, image quality, performance, video capabilities, and how it compares to rivals.


Fujifilm’s X-T series has long been a favorite among passionate photographers for its retro styling and tactile, dial-based controls. The X-T3 upped the ante with cutting-edge speed and performance, and now the Fujifilm XT4 provides a massive upgrade in image stabilization while retaining everything that made its predecessor special.

Some of the major features and specs of the Fujifilm XT4 include:

  • 26MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor
  • X-Processor 4 quad-core CPU
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization (IBIS)
  • Hybrid AF system with 425 points
  • Blackout-free burst shooting up to 15fps mechanical, 30fps electronic
  • 4K video up to 60fps, 10-bit internal recording
  • Fully articulating touchscreen LCD
  • ISO range of 160-12800, expandable to 80-51200

With these capabilities, the X-T4 fujifilm xt4 is aimed at advanced amateur and professional photographers who need top-notch image quality and performance. It’s ideal for everything from sports and action to landscapes and portraits. Compared to full-frame cameras, the X-T4 offers similar features in a more compact, affordable package. Let’s examine what this camera is capable of in more detail.

Camera Body and Design

The Fujifilm XT4 retains the aesthetics and form factor of previous X-T models, with a slim mirrorless body and a plethora of dials. Yet Fujifilm has introduced several tweaks that enhance handling and usability.

At 607g, the X-T4 weighs slightly more than the 539g X-T3. This is due to the addition of IBIS and a larger battery. But the camera still feels light and well-balanced with most lenses. The body itself is compact but comfortable to grip.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The thicker grip provides secure purchase, and the front and back dials sit naturally under the index finger and thumb. There are also generous rubber seals to aid grip. Smaller hands may find the body a bit large, however.

Buttons and Dials

The Fujifilm XT4 gains a new selector joystick on the rear, providing intuitive AF point control. There are also redundant dials to adjust exposure settings. The shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation dials make it easy to quickly view and change settings.

Build Quality

Made of magnesium alloy, the X-T4 body feels very solid and durable. The weather-sealing provides confidence to shoot in rough conditions. The dials have improved torque for a nicer tactile experience.

Some other design upgrades include a fully articulating rear LCD, a larger capacity battery, and 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks. Overall, the Fujifilm XT4 represents a refined camera body with excellent ergonomics for demanding shooters.

Image Sensor and Processor

At the heart of the Fujifilm XT4 is a 26.1MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and quad-core X-Processor 4. This combination delivers outstanding image quality and speed.

The sensor uses Fujifilm’s unique X-Trans color filter array. This provides more natural color reproduction and sharpness compared to traditional Bayer sensors. The 26MP resolution captures abundant detail while maintaining very manageable file sizes.

By pairing this sensor with the speedy X-Processor 4, the X-T4 achieves an ISO range of 160-12800 (expandable to 80-51200). It has around 1.5 stops and better noise performance compared to the X-T3.

Low Light Capabilities

Images shot at high ISOs up to around 6400 are very clean, making the Fujifilm XT4 highly capable for low light venues. The noise only becomes noticeable at ISO 12800 and beyond. The dynamic range is also excellent, providing over 13 stops for recovering shadows and highlights.

Sharpness and Detail

The sensor resolves an impressive amount of detail at the pixel level while avoiding unwanted moire effects. This creates images with beautifully rendered textures and sharpness from edge to edge. The level of detail captured is stunning.

In summary, the Fujifilm XT4 provides outstanding image quality that rivals some full frame sensors. The expanded ISO range, dynamic range and detail capture make it hugely versatile.

Autofocus and Performance

Fujifilm has developed one of the best autofocus systems on the market, and the X-T4 inherits these capabilities. Powered by the X-Processor 4, the intelligent hybrid AF system leverages both phase and contrast detection for incredible speed and accuracy.

The AF utilizes 425 selectable points covering nearly the entire frame. It can lock focus in light as low as -6EV. This makes the Fujifilm XT4 reliable for moving subjects even in very dim conditions.

Accuracy in Different Conditions

The phase detection pixels enable confident subject tracking and fast acquisition, even with shallow depth of field. Face and eye detection work very well, ensuring people remain in sharp focus. The AF excels whether shooting sports, wildlife, or other unpredictable motion.

Fujifilm XT4 Customization Options

Photographers can fine tune AF behavior based on the type of subject movement. There are five presets (multi-purpose, ignoring obstacles, accelerating subject, suddenly appearing subject, erratic motion). You can also configure the size of the AF area.

Video Autofocus

For both stills and video, the X-T4’s AF is extremely capable. Face and eye AF work seamlessly when recording 4K video. And the AF speed can be adjusted to avoid sudden focus shifts and jumps while filming.

In terms of drive speed, the mechanical shutter can shoot up to 15fps. And the electronic shutter reaches an incredible 30fps at full resolution. The deep buffer provides substantial high speed burst capacity. The Fujifilm XT4 is quite simply one of the fastest APS-C cameras available.

Fujifilm XT4

Video Capabilities

With its predecessor already offering excellent 4K video, Fujifilm has somehow managed to make the X-T4 even more capable for both stills and video shooters. It’s one of the most versatile hybrid cameras on the market.

The Fujifilm XT4 can record outstanding oversampled 4K/30p video at up to 200Mbps internally. There is also a new 4K/60p mode that captures fine details with minimal moire.

Slow Motion Options

For slow motion, it offers Full HD capture at 240fps. This produces gorgeous 10x slow motion when conformed to 24fps timelines. There are also 120fps and 60fps options at Full HD.

Log Profiles

The F-Log recording captures up to 13 stops of dynamic range. This preserves maximum flexibility for color grading and post production. There are several log profiles to match different workflows.

External Recording

When recording 10-bit 4:2:2 video over HDMI, the X-T4 output can feed Atomos Ninja or other external recorders. This provides pristine video quality perfect for professional videography applications.

With its updated sensor and processor, the Fujifilm XT4 now sits atop the APS-C mirrorless category for hybrid shooters. It brings stellar quality to both still photos and cinematic video.

Image Quality

With its 26MP X-Trans sensor and powerful processor, the Fujifilm XT4 delivers still image quality on par with some full frame cameras. The colors, dynamic range, noise control and detail rendering are all extremely impressive.

Fujifilm’s legendary film simulations are one of the joys of shooting with their cameras. The Fujifilm XT4 includes all the standard profiles (Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, Pro Neg, Eterna, etc.) that produce gorgeous JPEG images straight out of the camera.

Dynamic Range

The sensor captures over 13 stops of dynamic range for outstanding highlight and shadow recovery. This allows you to underexpose to preserve highlights and then lift the shadows substantially.

Noise Levels

Noise is kept very low through ISO 6400, making the Fujifilm XT4 a great option for low light events. Images remain highly usable even at the highest native ISO of 12800. The RAW files provide extra latitude for noise reduction.

Sharpness and Detail

The X-Trans sensor resolves an abundance of detail without generating unwanted artifacts. Fine textures in landscapes, intricate patterns in architecture, and fur/feathers on wildlife are rendered with lifelike clarity.

When paired with a quality Fujifilm prime lens, the image quality from the X-T4 is absolutely breathtaking. Photographers who value stunning color reproduction, dynamic range and detail will love this camera.

Features and Customization

One of the hallmarks of Fujifilm cameras is their high degree of customization and hands-on usability. With its physical dials and extensive menu system, photographers can fine tune the X-T4 to match their shooting needs and style.

Film Simulations

There are 16 film simulation modes that emulate the look and feel of Fujifilm’s iconic film stocks. You can even combine settings across multiple modes to create custom film looks.

Custom Shooting Modes

Up to 7 custom shooting modes allow you to save preferred camera settings to the mode dial. This makes it easy to quickly access frequently used configurations.

Menu System

With so many options, navigating the menus could feel overwhelming. But Fujifilm provides the ability to customize the layout and group menu items. This streamlines access to the settings you use most.

Touch Screen Functionality

The rear LCD now offers touch control for menu navigation, image playback pinch/zoom capability, and touch focus/shutter activation. The screen articulates for flexible shooting angles too.

Optional Grip

Power users can add the vertical battery grip, which provides extended shooting endurance. It also offers a secondary shutter release and duplicate dials for shooting in portrait orientation.

If you like meticulously optimizing your camera for particular workflows, the Fujifilm XT4 will satisfy your needs. It remains one of the most customizable and tactile mirrorless cameras around.

Compared to Other Models

The X-T4 sits in Fujifilm’s APS-C lineup alongside several other high-end options, namely the X-T3, X-H1, and X-Pro3. Here is how the X-T4 sizes up against its siblings:

vs. X-T3

The X-T3 set a high bar with its speed and video capabilities. The Fujifilm XT4 retains all that performance but adds 5-axis IBIS, a bigger battery, and further AF enhancements. It essentially consolidates the best of the X-T and X-H lines.

vs. X-T2

Compared to the older X-T2, the X-T4 brings massive leaps forward in speed, video features, AF capabilities, and ISO performance. It’s a major upgrade across the board.

vs. X-H1

The X-H1 introduced IBIS and a robust body design to the X series. But it lacked some of the speed and video chops of later models. The Fujifilm XT4 takes the IBIS and combines it with modern features and performance.

vs. X-Pro3

The X-Pro 3 appeals to rangefinder lovers with its hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder and stealth design. But the X-T4 provides a more traditional DSLR-style form factor with a central EVF, bigger grip, and fully articulating LCD.

For existing X-T users, the X-T4 is by far the most capable model to date. And it essentially consolidates the best aspects of the entire X lineup into one incredibly well-rounded camera.

Conclusion and Verdict

The Fujifilm XT4 represents the pinnacle of APS-C mirrorless technology. It combines best-in-class image quality and 4K video with speedy performance and elegant handling. For enthusiasts and professionals, it’s one of the most capable all-around cameras on the market.


  • Outstanding image quality from 26MP X-Trans sensor
  • 5-axis in-body image stabilization
  • Class-leading autofocus and subject tracking
  • Blackout-free burst shooting up to 15fps (30fps electronic)
  • DCI and UHD 4K video up to 60fps, 10-bit internal
  • Excellent high ISO noise control
  • Huge dynamic range (over 13 stops)
  • Film simulations produce beautiful JPEG images
  • Robust weather-sealed body with great ergonomics
  • Customizable controls and menu system


  • No fully silent electronic shutter
  • Single SD card slot
  • No phase detect AF for adapted lenses
  • The menu system remains complex

For the price, the Fujifilm XT4 delivers immense value. It’s a capable stills and video camera in one compact, lightweight package. Landscape, portrait, wildlife, and street photographers will all appreciate this versatile camera.

The Fujifilm XT4 earns our highest recommendation as one of the best APS-C mirrorless cameras you can buy today. It’s the definitive option in Fujifilm’s lineup and is sure to satisfy the most demanding photographers.

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