DJI Pocket 3 Leaks: Exciting Upgrades for Vloggers Incoming

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DJI Pocket 3

DJI is the undisputed leader when it comes to small, portable cameras and gimbals. The company revolutionized vlogging and action cameras with the release of the original Osmo Pocket in 2018. The tiny yet powerful camera packed professional-level stabilization and video quality into a device small enough to fit in your pocket.

Vloggers, travel bloggers, and action camera enthusiasts instantly fell in love with the compact and convenient design. The integrated gimbal provided silky smooth footage rivaling much larger stabilization rigs.

In 2020, DJI refined the formula even further with the Pocket 2. Upgrades like 4K 60fps video and improved microphones made the Pocket 2 an almost essential tool for content creators looking to step up their production quality.

Now in 2023, rumors are heating up around the impending release of the DJI Pocket 3. Leaked photos and insider reports strongly suggest DJI is about to launch the next iteration of its smash hit Pocket camera line.

If the leaks are accurate, the Pocket 3 looks poised to take everything that made the Pocket 2 great and crank it up a notch. A larger flip-out screen, improved gimbal stabilization, and enhanced audio recording seem to be just some of the exciting upgrades on the horizon.

For vloggers, travel vloggers, journalists, and general content creators, the DJI Pocket 3 may be one of the most anticipated new releases of 2023. Let’s take a closer look at the rumored specs and features based on all the leaks so far.

Key Features and Specs

Based on leaked photos and insider reports, the DJI Pocket 3 looks set to push compact vlogging cameras even further in terms of features and performance. Here are some of the most exciting upgrades rumored so far:

Bigger Flip-Out Screen

One of the most noticeable changes on the DJI Pocket 3 is expected to be a larger flip-out screen. The Pocket 2 has a 1″ screen, but leaked images show the Pocket 3 with a substantially bigger display. Early estimates put the new screen at around 2.0-2.2″ diagonally.

This enlarged flip-out screen would provide a number of major benefits:

  • Easier monitoring of framing and footage while vlogging
  • Improved viewing angles compared to the more limited Pocket 2 screen
  • Ability to more easily see when filming selfie-style shots
  • General convenience of a larger display while controlling settings

A bigger flip-out screen also brings the Pocket 3 closer to larger vlogging cameras like the Sony ZV-1. However, the DJI Pocket 3 still appears significantly more compact based on leaks. The new larger display combined with a still highly portable body could give it a major advantage over competitors.

Enhanced Video Resolutions and Frame Rates

While concrete specs aren’t confirmed, most sources report that the DJI Pocket 3 will at least match the Pocket 2’s maximum 4K 60fps video. However, it’s quite possible DJI will push the video capabilities even higher this time around.

We could see new features like:

  • 4K at up to 120fps for silky smooth slow motion
  • Improved bitrates for even better 4K video quality
  • Increased digital zoom when shooting in 1080p resolution

Higher frame rates and improved video bitrates will be especially important if DJI wants the Pocket 3 to compete with newer action cameras like the GoPro Hero 11 Black. DJI has a history of squeezing professional-level video out of tiny camera bodies, so expectations are high.

Refined Camera Design with a Larger Screen

The overall design of the Pocket 3 remains familiar based on leaked images. It retains the same handgrip body and button layout as the Pocket 2. The larger flip-out screen is the most obvious change along with what looks like refined contours and lines.

Keeping a similar compact, lightweight design is critical considering the strong reception of the original Pocket’s minimalist form factor. While the leaks don’t provide exact dimensions, the DJI Pocket 3 looks only slightly larger than its predecessor. DJI seems to have focused on enlarging the screen while keeping marginal size increases elsewhere.

This would give the new camera an ideal blend of portability and enhanced shooting/monitoring capabilities. The Pocket series has always prided itself on slipping into pockets and bags with ease. Preserving that level of mobility and discretion appears to be a priority with the Pocket 3.

Improved Stabilization Performance

DJI revolutionized handheld camera stabilization with the original Osmo technology. The Pocket 2 built on that legacy with even smoother performance from its integrated 3-axis gimbal.

If the rumors prove accurate, the DJI Pocket 3 will represent another leap forward in terms of stabilization and usability:

  • Enhanced gimbal algorithms for even better compensation of shakes and bumps
  • Possible extension of max gimbal movement speeds for quicker pans/tilts
  • Quicker stabilization lock-on when powering up the camera
  • Improved responsiveness when manually controlling the gimbal

Better stabilization paired with the new screen will give content creators more flexibility when tracking moving subjects or recording while in motion themselves. DJI has always led the pack when it comes to gimbal technology. Expect them to widen that gap even more with the Osmo Pocket 3 based on the leaks so far.

Features Tailored for Vlogging

While the DJI Pocket 3 will no doubt appeal to many types of content creators, it looks especially geared towards elevating the quality and capabilities of vloggers. Several of the rumored features and upgrades seem optimized for selfie-style shooting and video blogging needs:

Larger Flip-Out Screen for Framing Selfie Shots

The bigger flip-out screen on the DJI Pocket 3 will make it drastically easier for vloggers to frame themselves in-shot while retaining a full view of the display. The Pocket 2’s small built-in screen made this challenging – it was tricky to position yourself in the frame while still being able to see the screen.

With the enormously enlarged display expected on the Pocket 3, vloggers will be able to effortlessly monitor their framing even from a selfie perspective. YouTubers and social media influencers do a ton of selfie shooting for product reviews, travel vlogs, and more. The new flip screen is a potential game-changer in this regard.

Live Streaming Capabilities

Numerous reports point to the DJI Pocket 3 introducing live streaming functionality – a first for the Pocket lineup. The ability to live stream high-quality video straight from the camera would give vloggers yet another powerful creative tool.

Imagine being able to go live on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch with pro-level DJI video at the click of a button. This could take social media and real-time engagement to the next level compared to pre-recorded content.

DJI’s drone lineups come packin’ some pretty strong live streaming systems already. Bringing that technology to the acclaimed Pocket camera series makes perfect sense. Launching directly to social media from the Pocket 3 could make mobile live streaming more convenient and professional than ever.

Potentially Improved Microphones and Audio

While specific audio specs aren’t known yet, improved microphone performance will likely be another focal point on the Pocket 3. DJI made respectable strides in audio quality with the 4 onboard mics on the Pocket 2.

But crystal clear, directional audio remains just as important as great visuals for vlogging. We could see features like:

  • Higher quality mic components capable of capturing better stereo sound
  • Algorithms to isolate the user’s voice and reduce ambient noise
  • Directional mic pick-up patterns optimized for selfie recording

Having clean, pro-grade audio is an absolute must when you’re into vlogging or doing those on-the-go interviews, ya know. DJI recognizes this, and reports suggest they have audio upgrades in store with the new model.

DJI Pocket 3

Compact and Lightweight for All-Day Carrying

Despite the larger screen and expanded features, the DJI Pocket 3 still appears to retain an impressively compact, lightweight build. While larger than the Pocket 2, leaked photos indicate a body not much bigger than a smartphone.

For vloggers who want to film all day on the go, portability and discretion are huge. The Pocket 3 seems engineered to deliver new shooting capabilities without sacrificing mobility.

If DJI can introduce a significantly bigger screen, enhanced video and better audio all while keeping the device below 6 ounces, they’ll have an ideal daily carry camera for vloggers and mobile content creators. The DJI Pocket 3 is shaping up to strike the perfect balance based on leaks.

Integration With DJI’s Leading Camera Ecosystem

One of DJI’s biggest assets that often gets overlooked is its extensive ecosystem of cameras, gimbals, apps and accessories. From the leaks so far, the DJI Pocket 3 looks poised to integrate tightly with DJI’s wider product lineup.

Potential Compatibility with Other DJI Gear

One exciting possibility is that the DJI Pocket 3 will work seamlessly with some of DJI’s other equipment like the OM 5 gimbal and Mavic drones. We could see features like:

  • Ability to mount the Pocket 3 on larger DJI gimbals for stabilized shooting
  • Use the Pocket 3 as the main camera on DJI drones for upgraded aerial footage
  • Built-in connectivity and control between the Pocket 3 and other DJI gear

Allowing interoperability between the Pocket 3 and DJI’s other cutting-edge products would open up even more professional shooting modes. And it would further lock users into the DJI ecosystem, which is a smart strategic play.

Utilizing DJI’s Existing Camera Apps and Software

Over the years, DJI has built comprehensive apps like DJI Mimo, DJI Fly, Story Mode and more to get the most from their cameras. The DJI Pocket 3 will almost certainly integrate directly with these software tools.

Expect capabilities like:

  • Intuitive control of the Pocket 3’s settings via DJI Mimo
  • Built-in editing tools in DJI Mimo for short social media clips
  • Advance camera functions like hyper lapse, panoramas, and tracking modes
  • Direct live streaming integration with social media platforms

DJI has some of the most full-featured companion apps for cameras and drones. Building off their existing software foundation makes perfect sense for the DJI Pocket 3.

Continuing DJI’s History of Value and Innovation

Perhaps most importantly, DJI has always upended markets by offering much more advanced technology at mainstream pricing. Despite packing pro features, the Pocket series has always launched at under $500.

With the new upgrades leaked so far, DJI looks to be maintaining this track record with the Pocket 3. If the rumored specs prove true, DJI seems ready to deliver an enormous amount of value and innovation at a price point competitors will struggle to match.

Judging by their history, DJI is gearing up to release a category-defining portable camera once again in the Pocket 3. Leaning on their impressive heritage and ecosystem is the ideal strategy to pull this off.

Our Verdict on the DJI Pocket 3 Based on Leaks

DJI disrupted the action cam and vlogging camera markets with the release of the original Osmo Pocket in 2018. The company built on that success with the refined Pocket 2 in 2020, cementing the Pocket series as a go-to choice for mobile content creators.

Now in 2023, DJI looks prepared to shake up the pocket camera space once again with the impending launch of the Pocket 3.

Based on all of the leaked photos, videos, and credible reports so far, here is our verdict on what users can expect from the DJI Pocket 3:

A Major Step Up in Shooting Capabilities

If the rumors hold true, the DJI Pocket 3 represents a sizable upgrade over the already excellent Pocket 2. The expected larger flip-out screen alone is set to transform monitoring, framing, and selfie shooting.

Combine that with likely improvements to video resolution, stabilization, and audio, and the DJI Pocket 3 looks like a substantial step forward for run-and-gun filming. DJI seems to have maintained a compact, discreet design while enhancing performance across the board.

An Ideal All-in-One Camera for Vloggers

While appealing broadly, the leaked features strongly indicate DJI is targeting vloggers and selfie shooters with the Pocket 3. The bigger articulating screen, enhanced mics, and live streaming capabilities make it an extremely enticing option for video blogging.

If DJI can also retain a lightweight build, it may offer the perfect blend of power and portability for daily vlogging and self-shot content. The DJI Pocket 3 is shaping up to be perhaps the most vlogger-friendly pocket camera yet.

Tight Integration with DJI’s Wider Ecosystem

By all indications, DJI will tightly integrate the Pocket 3 with its other market-leading gear like the OM 5 gimbal and Mavic drones. Allowing expanded interoperability between devices is smart strategically. And DJI’s complete software ecosystem provides huge value on its own.

Another Potentially Category-Redefining Camera from DJI

DJI has made an art form out of delivering way more innovation than competitors at each respective price point. If the leaks ring true, the DJI Pocket 3 looks to continue this trend with an incredible combination of pro features under $500.

The Most Exciting New Camera Release of 2023?

For mobile content creators, especially vloggers, the DJI Pocket 3 may very well be the most anticipated new camera this year. It checks all the boxes based on rumors: upgraded video, better stabilization, improved audio, live streaming, larger screen, yet still ultra-portable.

The wait to see how many of these promising leaks become a reality will be agonizing. But based on DJI’s track record, the Pocket 3 has all the makings of a category-redefining release. The original Osmo Pocket shaped the market back in 2018 – don’t be surprised if the DJI Pocket 3 repeats this in 2023!

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