LG B2 vs C2 OLED TVs – A Detailed Comparison to Find the Right Model

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LG B2 vs C2

The LG B2 and LG C2 are two of the company’s most popular OLED TV models for 2022/2023. As the successors of the acclaimed LG B1 and C1 from 2021, these two TVs inherit many of the same display technologies and features but also bring some key improvements and differences.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll be comparing the LG B2 vs C2 OLED TVs across all the key categories – picture quality, smart features, design, audio and value for money. Our goal is to analyze the similarities and differences to help you decide which 2022 LG OLED is better suited for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for the best LG OLED for gaming, watching sports and movies, streaming your favorite shows or just want the top of the line display quality, this guide will break down how the B2 and C2 models stack up. We’ll dig into their display performance, processing power, smart TV capabilities, build quality, sound and more.

By the end, you should have a clear understanding of how the B2 and C2 models compare, and which is the better buy for your budget in 2023. Let’s dive in!

OLED TV Technology Overview

Before we dig into the specifics on the B2 and C2, it’s helpful to understand what makes OLED TVs so special in the first place.

OLED stands for “Organic Light Emitting Diode” and refers to the technology used in the TV panels. The key difference from traditional LED TVs is that each OLED pixel emits its own light independently. This gives OLED TVs some distinct picture quality advantages:

  • Perfect Black levels – When an OLED pixel is off, it emits no light at all giving “infinite” contrast and perfect black levels. This creates gorgeous shadow detail.
  • Pixel-level Dimming – Each OLED pixel has its own level of brightness. This means perfect scene-by-scene and frame-by-frame dimming control for remarkably high dynamic range (HDR).
  • Wide Viewing Angles – OLED pixels maintain their brightness and color accuracy even at wide viewing angles. You’ll get a great picture from anywhere in the room.
  • Vibrant Colors – OLED panels display richer more vibrant colors as every pixel is lit independently. HDR content really pops on OLED TVs.

These capabilities give OLED TVs their famous picture quality advantages over LED/LCD televisions. Blacks are perfectly dark, contrast is sky-high, motion looks crisp and clear, and colors are vivid and dynamic.

Now let’s see how LG’s newest OLED TVs, the B2 and C2, build upon this strong OLED foundation by examining each model in more detail.

LG B2 OLED TV Overview

The LG B2 is the entry-level model in LG’s 2022 OLED lineup. As the successor to the popular B1 from 2021, the B2 gets a nice performance boost while keeping prices affordable compared to the higher-end LG OLEDs.

Here are some key facts and features of the LG B2 series:

  • Screen Sizes: 55, 65, 77 inches
  • Panel type: LG OLED Evo panel
  • Processor: α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
  • HDR support: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • HDMI ports: 4 (HDMI 2.1)
  • Gaming Features: VRR, ALLM, Nvidia G-Sync
  • webOS smart platform – LG’s acclaimed smart TV software

While the B2 is positioned as the entry level model, it actually performs very similarly to last year’s LG C1 which is impressive given the lower launch price. The main downgrades are thinner bezels rather than the Gallery Design, and 40 watts of audio power vs 60 watts on the C1.

But for the key performance metrics like display quality, processor, and next-gen gaming features – the B2 is very comparable to more expensive LG OLEDs. That makes it a great value option.

Now let’s see how the step-up C2 model compares.

LG C2 OLED TV Overview

As the successor to LG’s popular C1 from 2021, the C2 is considered the best all-around LG OLED this year. It keeps key features from the C1 but also adds some notable upgrades.

Here are the key facts on the 2022 C2 OLED TV lineup:

  • Screen Sizes: 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, 83 inches
  • Panel Type: LG OLED Evo (55-83″); standard OLED (42-48″)
  • Processor: α9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K
  • HDR support: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz native
  • HDMI ports: 4 (HDMI 2.1)
  • Gaming features: VRR, ALLM, Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync
  • webOS smart platform

The C2 sticks with the same slim-bezel “Gallery” design and includes the latest a9 Gen5 processor for excellent upscaling and processing.

Key upgrades on the C2 over last year’s C1 include:

  • Brighter OLED Evo panel on 55-83″ models
  • Heatsink for improved brightness in HDR gaming
  • Improved gaming performance with AMD FreeSync support
  • More advanced voice control with LG’s ThinkQ AI technology

While the C2 commands a premium over the B2, those upgrades help justify the higher price and make the C2 one of the best performing TVs of 2022.

Now let’s move on directly comparing the displays and picture quality…

OLED TV Picture Quality Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the backgrounds of the LG B2 and C2 OLED TVs, let’s dive into comparing their picture quality and display performance.

As both use LG’s industry-leading OLED panels, they can achieve perfect black levels, infinite contrast and wide viewing angles. So the differences come down to brightness, motion handling, HDR capabilities and color performance.

Based on lab testing data and hands-on reviews, here is how the displays compare:


  • The C2’s newer Evo panel provides higher peak brightness – up to around 20% brighter on 55-inch and larger sizes.
  • LG rates the C2 for brighter highlights in HDR content.
  • The B2 is dimmer but still very good. It matches last year’s C1 while the C2 builds upon it.
  • In real-world viewing, both deliver excellent picture quality with deep blacks and vibrant color. But the C2 has the edge for HDR pop and peak brightness.

Contrast & Black Levels

  • Infinite contrast and perfect black levels on both models – this is a key OLED advantage.
  • Near 0 nits black level and over 1 million:1 native contrast ratio.
  • No visible blooming or haloing around bright objects.
  • The C2 may have slightly better near-black shadow detail thanks to the brighter panel. But both have excellent dark scene performance that massively beats any LED/LCD TV.

Viewing Angles

  • OLED excels here with no drop-off in brightness or color saturation at wide angles
  • Both models maintain perfect picture quality when viewing from the side or off-center.

Motion Handling

  • Exceptionally fast response time – under 1ms – for crisp, clear motion with no blurring.
  • Both have a native 120Hz refresh rate for super smooth motion clarity.
  • The C2 adds black frame insertion for improved motion processing in sports and movies. It also unlocks 4K/120fps gaming.

HDR Performance

  • Both models have wide color gamuts covering over 95% of the P3 color space. Vibrant, accurate colors.
  • High peak brightness and pixel-level precision give the TVs gorgeous HDR pop and contrast.
  • The C2’s increased brightness gives it more punch for HDR highlights.
  • They support key HDR formats like HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. Dolby Vision IQ adjusts tone mapping on the fly based on ambient light.

4K UHD Resolution

  • Native 4K resolution panels with 8.2 million pixels for sharper clarity.
  • Integrated 4K upscaling uses the a9 Gen5 processor to enhance lower resolution content. Results look nearly as sharp as native 4K.
  • Better color and contrast makes 4K video really stand out compared to normal TVs.

In summary, both OLED TVs deliver elite-tier picture quality with perfect blacks, vibrant color, stunning contrast and crisp motion clarity. But the C2 takes the edge in brightness, HDR pop, and motion performance. For the ultimate display quality, it may be worth paying extra for the C2 over the already excellent B2.

Next we’ll compare their smart TV features and usability.

Smart TV Features and Interface Comparison

In addition to outstanding picture quality, LG’s webOS platform also provides a great smart TV experience. Here’s how the B2 and C2 OLED TVs compare when it comes to streaming services, apps, voice controls and gaming performance.

webOS and Apps

  • Both TVs use the latest version of LG’s intuitive webOS platform. It provides quick access to streaming apps and services.
  • webOS is very responsive thanks to the speedy a9 Gen5 processor. Navigation feels quick and smooth.
  • Popular pre-installed apps include Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, sports apps like ESPN, and LG Channels for free streaming content.
  • LG’s app store gives access to many additional services. There are hundreds of apps to choose from.
  • Voice commands via LG’s Magic Remote make controlling the TV and searching for content very convenient.
  • Smart home control integrations allow you to control lights, thermostats, door locks and more right from the TV.
  • AirPlay and screen mirroring features allow you to stream content from Apple devices to the TV.
  • LG’s webOS provides one of the best smart TV experiences on the market with its intuitive layout, speedy performance and extensive app selection. The software experience is virtually identical on both the C2 and B2.

Gaming Performance

  • For gaming, both TVs support the key HDMI 2.1 features including 4K 120Hz, VRR (variable refresh rate), ALLM (auto low latency mode) and eARC.
  • Input lag measured under 10ms for responsive, lag-free gaming that’s great for fast-paced multiplayer titles.
  • The C2 adds support for AMD FreeSync Premium for smoother variable refresh rate performance with compatible GPUs.
  • Nvidia G-Sync is also supported on both models for smoother gaming with GeForce graphics cards.

In summary, both OLEDs provide stellar gaming performance thanks to OLED’s fast response times and LG’s comprehensive HDMI 2.1 implementation. The C2 has the slight edge for next-gen gaming consoles and PC gaming. But both are excellent premium gaming TVs.

Now let’s move on to examining the audio performance…

LG B2 vs C2

Audio Quality Comparison

In addition to stunning visuals, a TV’s sound system also plays a big role in the overall viewing experience. Here’s how the audio capabilities of the LG B2 and C2 OLED TVs stack up:

  • The C2 has a higher speaker power output at 40W vs 20W on the B2. This allows it to get louder and handle more dynamic sound.
  • Both TVs support Dolby Atmos for immersive spatial audio effects. This creates a more lifelike sound that flows around you.
  • They both use AI Acoustic Tuning to optimize the sound quality based on the TV’s positioning and environment.
  • The C2 supports more advanced Virtual Surround formats for a wider, more cinematic soundstage.
  • With HDMI eARC support, you can pass high quality audio from the TV to a compatible sound system or soundbar.
  • Dialogue comes through clearly and accurately in both models. The C2’s louder sound creates more impactful effects and music.
  • The C2 provides a stronger bass response thanks to its larger speaker enclosure design.
  • For limited space or wall mounting, the built-in speakers work well. But for larger rooms, adding a soundbar or speakers can enhance the experience.

In summary, both TVs deliver solid audio quality right out of the box. But the C2 model provides noticeably better sound performance thanks to its more powerful speaker system and Dolby Atmos support. For serious home theater enthusiasts, an external sound system is still recommended.

Moving on, let’s examine the aesthetics and design…

Design & Build Quality

Beyond just technical specs, aesthetics and build quality also play an important role in choosing a new TV. Here’s how the physical design of the LG B2 and C2 compare:

  • The C2 uses LG’s “Gallery Design” with an ultra-thin bezel that practically disappears when viewed head-on. This creates an impressive floating-screen effect.
  • The B2 has a slightly thicker bottom bezel, but still very minimal surrounding the display. From front and center, it looks nearly bezel-less.
  • Both TVs have an understated, minimalist style that blends into modern décor. The OLED panel is incredibly slim with no backlight bulge.
  • The stand design is unique but sturdy metal construction. The feet are positioned far apart for stability.
  • For wall mounting, the TVs are easy to install thanks to their light weight and slim depth. Wall mount bracket sold separately.
  • Inputs are located on the side or bottom rather than the back for easier access in various configurations.
  • The premium glass and metal construction give the TVs a very sleek, high-end finish. Materials feel durable enough for long term use.
  • Rear inputs and plastic back paneling is one area where the C2 looks more upscale compared to the B2.

Overall, both OLED TVs feature modern, discrete designs that emphasize the gorgeous display. While the C2 looks a bit more premium, the cheaper B2 is still very stylish. Either will beautifully accent your entertainment space.

Now let’s wrap up with a pricing and value comparison…

Pricing & Value Comparison

With the LG B2 and C2 OLED TVs being so similar in performance, a big factor in deciding between them will come down to the pricing and overall value. Here’s a look at how their costs compare:

  • The 65-inch C2 OLED has an MSRP of $2,499 while the 65-inch B2 is $1,799 – a $700 difference.
  • Across other popular sizes – 55, 65 and 77-inches – the C2 commands between a 30% to 45% price premium over the B2 model.
  • Street prices fluctuate but you can typically find the C2 discounted down to around $500 more than the B2 for the same screen size.
  • The C2 offers upgrades like a brighter Evo panel, better gaming support and enhanced audio. This helps justify its higher pricing to an extent.
  • For the price-conscious buyer, the B2 delivers most of the same impressive OLED picture quality and smart TV user experience for hundreds less.
  • LG OLED TV prices tend to come down over time. Current deals make the B2 OLEDs a particularly great value option.

Bottom line – While the C2 is the superior performer, the more affordable B2 still provides elite-level OLED TV visuals and features. If you want to maximize value, the B2 is arguably the better buy. But for the extra enhancements, the C2 makes sense for buyers who can stretch their budget.

Now that we’ve covered all the key differences, let’s wrap up with our final verdict.

Bottom Line: LG B2 vs C2 – Which is Better?

Based on our detailed comparison, both the LG B2 and LG C2 OLED TVs represent excellent options for a premium 4K home theater experience. But which model ultimately wins out as the better buy in 2023?

Here’s a quick recap of the key findings:

  • Picture quality – The C2 takes the lead with its brighter Evo panel, improved contrast and better HDR highlights. But the B2 still delivers outstanding OLED image quality.
  • Smart features – webOS provides a great streaming TV experience. Gaming goes to the C2 for AMD FreeSync and slightly lower input lag.
  • Audio – The more powerful 40W speaker system gives the C2 noticeably better built-in sound.
  • Design – Slight edge to the C2 for its slimmer “Gallery Design” aesthetic. But the B2 still looks excellent.
  • Value – The B2 provides most of the same premium performance as the C2 for hundreds less. It offers outstanding value.

For buyers focused on affordability and core OLED performance, the LG B2 makes the most sense. But those wanting LG’s brightest and best OLED TV with some nice upgrades, the LG C2 is worth the premium.

Here are our key verdict picks for common buyer situations:

  • Best value – LG B2 – The cheaper B2 provides nearly flagship-level quality for much less.
  • Best for gaming – LG C2 – Brighter panel, AMD FreeSync, and fast response time make the C2 the top gaming OLED.
  • Best picture quality – LG C2 – Brighter highlights and better motion handling give the C2 the picture quality crown.

Overall the C2 is the superior performer, but comes at a steeper price. The more affordable B2 still delivers elite OLED picture quality and remains a fantastic value option. For buyers trying to decide between these two excellent LG OLED TVs, carefully consider your budget and needs.

Hopefully, this detailed comparison of the LG B2 vs C2 OLED TVs helps shed some light on the differences and makes it easier to pick the right model for your home theater!

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