LG TVs in 2023: What’s New with webOS and Smart Features

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LG has been a top contender in the TV space for over 50 years. They’ve continually pushed innovations in display technology, smart TV features, and minimalist design. LG TVs span a wide range of sizes, display types, and price points to meet any buyer’s needs.

In this blog, we’ll be comparing LG’s top-rated 2023 TV collections to help you determine which model is the best fit for your room, use cases, and budget. We’ll examine LG’s leading OLED TVs, their new QNED Mini LED models, more affordable NanoCell LED LCDs, and 8K options. Key factors like picture quality, smart TV capabilities, gaming performance, and aesthetics will be assessed.

LG’s 2023 lineup provides outstanding choices for every user:

  • OLED TVs – Perfect blacks and viewing angles from self-lit pixels
  • QNED Mini LED TVs – Mini LED backlights with precise dimming zones
  • NanoCell LED-LCD TVs – Enhanced color and affordable 4K/8K
  • 8K TVs – Cutting-edge resolution powered by LG’s α9 Gen 5 AI Processor

By the end, you’ll know which new LG TV is the best fit for your entertainment needs and budget. You’ll also understand how technologies like OLED and Mini LED make a difference in picture quality. Let’s dive in and compare LG’s latest innovations head-to-head.


LG has been instrumental in making OLED TV technology commercially viable on a large scale. OLED stands for “organic light emitting diode” and represents a major advance in display panels. Rather than relying on a backlight like traditional LED-LCD TVs, each OLED pixel can turn on and off independently. This allows for unprecedented levels of picture precision and performance.

Here are some key advantages LG’s OLED TVs deliver:

  • Perfect Black Levels – With self-lit pixels, OLED can achieve literally infinite contrast ratios and pitch-perfect blacks when pixels are off. This adds major depth and immersion to the content.
  • Vibrant Colors – OLED pixels can achieve higher brightness levels when needed. Combined with LG’s supporting technologies, this enables extraordinarily vivid and accurate color reproduction.
  • Wide Viewing Angles – OLED screens maintain color fidelity and contrast even at extreme off-center seating positions.
  • Higher Efficiency – Without a large backlight, OLED TVs require less energy and allow ultra-thin form factors.

LG’s 2023 OLED TV roster includes:

  • C2 Series – LG’s popular mid-range OLED offering excellent performance for most buyers
  • G2 Series – “Gallery Edition” flagship OLED TV with LG’s brightest OLED panel yet
  • B2 Series – More affordable entry-level OLED models
  • A2 Series – Basic OLED models with lower prices but some feature cuts
  • Z2 Series – Cutting-edge 8K OLED TVs for future-proofed resolution

Next, we’ll compare LG’s OLED series models head-to-head and analyze which is the best performer for the money.

Comparing LG’s 2023 OLED TV Lineup

LG’s OLED TVs represent the pinnacle of home entertainment technology. But which model hits the sweet spot of performance, features, and value in LG’s 2023 OLED lineup? Here we’ll compare the latest editions of LG’s C2, G2, B2, A2, and Z2 OLED TV series.

Picture Quality

All of LG’s latest OLED TVs leverage their new α9 Gen 5 AI Processor to enhance the picture. This chip uses deep learning to analyze and optimize every scene. However, LG reserves its most advanced “Evo” OLED panel for the brighter, higher-end G2 and Z2 series.

In terms of peak HDR brightness:

  • G2 – Around 1,000 nits make this LG’s brightest OLED TV yet
  • C2 – Typically hits around 750 nits for vivid HDR images
  • B2 – Brightness capped at 600 nits, still decent but trails C2/G2
  • A2 – Dimmest of the bunch at only 400 nits peak

The G2 clearly takes the picture quality crown, followed closely by the excellent C2. But the G2 commands a significant price premium. The C2 offers the best balance of performance and value.

Gaming Features

All of LG’s 2023 OLED TVs support the latest HDMI 2.1 ports, 4K 120Hz, variable refresh rate (VRR), and ultra-fast response times for lag-free gaming. Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) automatically optimizes settings for gaming. The G2 and C2 add AMD FreeSync support for adaptive sync gaming with PCs and Xbox consoles.

Smart Features

The LG webOS smart platform is consistent across the full OLED range. Simple, intuitive navigation and access to all major streaming apps come standard. LG’s 2023 models also integrate both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support for hands-free voice control.


Here the premium G2 OLED stands apart with its ultra-thin “Gallery” design meant to hang flush on the wall like a picture frame. The C2, B2, and A2 use LG’s standard slim-profile TV stand design.

In summary, the LG C2 OLED consistently gets top marks this year for delivering stellar OLED image quality without reaching the price heights of LG’s G2 Gallery OLED. For most buyers, the well-rounded C2 OLED is clearly the best LG TV for the money. But keep reading for more LG TV comparisons.


Beyond OLED, LG’s other flagship TV lineup for 2023 is their new QNED Mini LED models. These TVs combine LG’s Quantum Dot NanoCell color technology with a cutting-edge Mini LED backlight system. The Mini LED backlight contains up to almost 30,000 tiny LEDs spread in up to nearly 2,500 dimming zones.

This allows for precision control of backlight brightness in localized areas of the screen. The LG TV can boost brightness in one zone while dimming others, unlike traditional full-array LED backlights. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced contrast – Bright and dark areas sit immediately next to each other for impactful HDR
  • Better black levels – Near OLED-quality blacks from independent dimming control
  • Higher peak brightness – Small LEDs can achieve up to 2,000 nits for specular highlights
  • Minimized blooming – Higher dimming zone counts reduce blooming around bright objects

LG QNED Mini LED models also integrate the latest gaming features and smart functionality. Options for 2023 span 65″ to 86″ screen sizes and include:

  • QNED99 – Flagship 4K Mini LED TV with 2,500 local dimming zones
  • QNED95 – Lower-tier 4K model with around 1,000 dimming zones
  • QNED90 – Entry-level 4K Mini LED option with fewer zones

The QNED99 clearly delivers the most advanced Mini LED backlight performance. But is this innovation worth the higher cost compared to LG’s OLED TVs? Let’s compare.


LG’s latest OLED and QNED Mini LED TVs both represent elite display technology. But which performs better and justifies their premium pricing? Here’s a head-to-head comparison.

Black levels and contrast

When it comes to inky blacks and infinite contrast, OLED still has the edge over Mini LED. Completely turning off self-emissive OLED pixels delivers unmatched black levels. But QNED Mini LED models come surprisingly close thanks to their dense full-array local dimming.

Winner: OLED

Peak brightness

The Mini LED backlights in LG’s QNED TVs can reach higher sustained brightness levels on HDR content. LG claims up to 2,000 nits peak brightness on the QNED99, overshadowing even their brightest LG G2 OLED.

Winner: QNED Mini LED

Viewing angles

OLED again has the intrinsic advantage here, maintaining color accuracy and contrast at wide angles thanks to per-pixel light emission. Mini LED LG TVs with conventional LCD panels lag behind when viewed off-center.

Winner: OLED

Blooming and halos

Mini LED’s higher dimming zone counts minimize problematic blooming and halos around bright objects. But OLED’s per-pixel control remains unbeaten in completely eliminating any blooming.

Winner: OLED


LG’s newest large-size QNED Mini LED TVs start around $3,000, a significant premium over OLED models of the same size. The price gap widens further as screen size increases.

Winner: OLED

While LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs perform admirably, OLED retains key picture quality advantages like perfect blacks and off-angle viewing while offering similar features for less cost. This makes OLED TVs like the LG C2 the better buy for most buyers rather than the pricier QNED models.


For shoppers on tighter budgets, LG’s NanoCell LED-LCD TV lineup brings enhanced color, sharpness, and brightness at lower price points compared to OLED or QNED Mini LED models. These TVs use LED backlighting paired with LG’s NanoCell technology.

NanoCell improves the LCD panel by infusing a nanoscopic particle filter. This helps widen the color gamut for more vivid hues. It also smooths out on-screen color gradients for reduced banding.

Key LG NanoCell 4K TV series include:

  • NanoCell 90 Series – High-end 4K models with a full array of local dimming
  • NanoCell 85 Series – Mid-range 4K LG TVs at lower price points
  • NanoCell 80/75 Series – Entry-level 4K NanoCell TVs

8K options are also available like the 75″ NanoCell 75QNED99. All models integrate the α7 Gen 5 AI Processor, HDMI 2.1, and gaming features like VRR.

While these LED-LCD TVs can’t match OLED or QNED for contrast and black levels, the addition of NanoCell boosts their color performance and brightness. This makes the NanoCell series a solid mid-range choice, providing excellent 4K quality without breaking the bank.

In particular, the NanoCell 90 emerges as the top NanoCell pick this year. Its full array of local dimming allows better black levels compared to cheaper edge-lit models while keeping prices reasonable relative to premium OLED and Mini LED sets. For shoppers who want LG signature technologies at friendly prices, the NanoCell 90 hits the sweet spot.


On the cutting edge, LG also offers premium 8K TVs for consumers looking for future-proofed resolution. 8K sets contain over 33 million pixels for double the detail of 4K Ultra HD.

LG 8K options fall into two categories:

  • OLED – The Z2 series offers 8K resolution on LG’s best-in-class OLED TVs. Models include the 77″, 83″, and 88″ screen sizes.
  • NanoCell LED-LCD – 8K LCD TVs like the 75″ NanoCell 75QNED99 with 8K NanoCell panels and full array local dimming. More affordable than 8K OLED.

There is very little native 8K content available today. However, LG’s new α9 Gen 5 AI Processor leverages machine learning to intelligently upscale lower resolution video to 8K for improved clarity and detail. Other features include:

  • Up to 10,000:1 contrast ratios for vivid HDR
  • 600 nits peak brightness (OLED Z2 peaks higher at 800 nits)
  • HDMI 2.1 inputs to enable 8K/60Hz gaming

The downside? 8K TVs demand premium pricing, with the cheapest 75″ options over $3,000. The OLED-based Z2 series costs even more. Given the lack of native 8K content, these LG TVs appeal primarily to early adopters willing to pay a premium for future-proofed resolution.

For most buyers, 4K OLED and NanoCell TVs make more financial sense, offering stunning image quality at lower prices using readily available 4K video sources. But LG’s 8K TV technology shows promising potential down the road as 8K content becomes more mainstream.


LG TV Smart Platform and Features

All of LG’s 2023 TV lineup uses the company’s proprietary webOS smart platform rather than external operating systems. webOS provides an intuitive and responsive interface optimized specifically for LG TV hardware.

Key features of webOS include:

  • Simple navigation – Easy to understand menu system and universal search across apps
  • Integrated voice assistants – Native support for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Smart home control – Use LG TV to control other compatible devices like lights
  • Gaming features – Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync support, auto low latency mode
  • App selection – Quick access to popular streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and LG’s own free channels
  • Screen mirroring – Cast mobile device screens to the LG TV using Miracast
  • Always up-to-date – webOS receives frequent updates and new apps over Wi-Fi

LG’s 2023 TVs also integrate cutting-edge processing powered by their latest α9 Gen 5 AI Processor. This chip leverages deep learning and AI to automatically optimize picture and sound quality based on content analysis and environmental factors. Users enjoy a consistently stunning experience regardless of the video source.

With its combination of simplicity, expansive features, and advanced AI video/audio calibration, LG’s webOS smart platform keeps its TV lineup on the cutting edge of smart TV innovation. It makes accessing a huge library of streaming content and controlling your smart home devices a breeze.

Design and Connectivity

LG TVs are crafted with polished, minimalist designs featuring ultrathin profiles and discreet stand feet or wall mount options. Even the largest models have a compact, unobtrusive aesthetic perfect for modern living spaces.

Ultra Thin Profiles

Thanks to the advanced panel and backlight technology, even premium 8K and OLED models measure only millimeters thick. For example:

  • 77″ LG OLED G2 – Only 1.5″ thick
  • 88″ LG OLED Z2 – Around 2″ thick
  • 86″ LG QNED Mini LED – Under 1″ thin

Slim profiles allow easy wall mounting and look extremely streamlined from an edge or angle view.

Unique Designs

Beyond conventional rectangular form factors, LG experiments with unique TV shapes and stand concepts:

  • OLED Flex – Curved panel can bend concave or convex
  • Rollable OLED – Display rolls down into the base when off
  • Gallery Design – Mounts completely flush against the wall like a picture frame

Comprehensive Connectivity

LG TVs provide extensive connectivity for all your external devices:

  • 4+ HDMI 2.1 ports enabling 4K/120Hz gaming on new consoles
  • eARC HDMI port for single-cable Dolby Atmos audio
  • Multiple USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for media access
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet for streaming and smart features
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting wireless peripherals

With their finely crafted designs and seamless device integration, LG TVs fit beautifully within both traditional and modern living spaces.

Picture and Sound Quality

LG TVs deliver state-of-the-art visuals and audio to match their innovative designs. Here are some standout technologies contributing to an immersive viewing experience.

Display Resolution

LG TV models include:

  • 8K – Over 33 million pixels for the highest clarity
  • 4K – The new HD standard with over 8 million pixels
  • 1080p – Basic HD ready for use with most content

Higher resolutions translate to sharper details and textures. Larger screen sizes also benefit more from higher pixel counts.

HDR Support

Nearly all new LG TVs support advanced High Dynamic Range formats:

  • Dolby Vision – Scene-by-scene optimization for sharp contrast and vivid color
  • HDR10 – Basic HDR10 profile
  • HDR10+ – Dynamic metadata adjusts brightness across the video
  • HLG – Enhanced color and contrast for live broadcast

OLED Display

LG OLED TVs achieve the deepest blacks, most vibrant color, and realistic image precision thanks to per-pixel self-emitting diodes. This creates an immersive viewing experience.

Contrast Modulation

Both OLED’s per-pixel control and QNED Mini LED’s over 2,500 local dimming zones minimize backlight blooming and maximize contrast between bright and dark regions.

AI Picture Processing

LG’s new α9 Gen 5 AI Processor leverages deep learning to analyze and enhance every scene based on content, ambient conditions, and display characteristics. You enjoy optimized HDR, color, sharpness, motion, and brightness tailored to you.

Surround Sound

Premium LG TVs support Dolby Atmos for breathtaking, object-based surround sound. AI processing also tunes audio output based on your room environment and content.

With displays leveraging OLED, NanoCell, and Mini LED paired with AI-enhanced pictures, LG TVs set new standards for jaw-dropping visuals and immersion.


What Reviewers are Saying

LG TVs consistently earn strong praise and awards from technology experts. Here are some excerpts of feedback from leading publications:


“The best TV I’ve ever reviewed, LG’s C2 OLED combines exceptional picture-quality chops with a smart TV experience that’s second to none…LG has outdone itself with the C2 OLED.”


“The LG G2 is the best 4k TV with outstanding picture quality…It gets incredibly bright in HDR, has near-perfect black uniformity and has outstanding reflection handling making it a great choice for any bright environment.”


“LG’s most affordable OLED TV yet still looks like a high-end display thanks to the OLED panel and that super-slim design…a luscious picture, webOS smart platform and a price lower than last year’s entry-level OLED model.”

Consumer Reports

“With superb picture quality and a full-featured smart TV experience, the LG C2 series performed well in CR’s test bench evaluations and became an obvious call to be named a CR Best Buy.”

The consensus is clear: LG produces some of the industry’s best 4K and 8K smart LG TVs across diverse price points. Their OLED and QNED Mini LED models stand at the apex of display technology, while the NanoCell series brings strong value. Stellar picture quality is met with an intuitive webOS user experience.

Whether you seek premium home theater splendor or more budget-friendly options, LG has a 2023 TV tailor-made to satisfy.

The Best LG TVs of 2023

Based on our in-depth assessment of LG’s 2023 TV lineup, these models stand out as the very best choices across three price tiers:

Overall Best LG TV: LG C2 OLED

The stellar combination of perfect OLED blacks, vibrant color, future-proof gaming connectivity, and the intuitive webOS ecosystem makes the LG C2 the undisputed flagship LG TV this year. It matches premium quality with mainstream accessibility.

Shoppers who want arguably the best picture available today without reaching unattainable prices should look no further than the C2 OLED. It succeeds the venerable C1 as LG’s mainstream OLED darling.

Best Budget LG TV: NanoCell 90 Series

The NanoCell 90 4K TVs provide the most complete package of strong picture quality, smart features, and connectivity at crowd-pleasing prices. Contrast and black levels can’t match OLED, but fuller-array local dimming elevates the LED-LCD display. And LG’s polished, minimalist styling remains.

For shoppers seeking great LG tech on a budget, the NanoCell 90 series hits a sweet spot. It brings a noticeable visual upgrade over entry-level sets without the premium price tags.

Best Big-Screen LG TV: 88″ LG OLED Z2

If going really, really big with an intense 8K display is your goal, LG’s flagship 88” OLED Z2 is an elite, drool-worthy option. Yes, it costs a small fortune. But you get LG’s most cutting-edge OLED panel yet, paired with future-proof 8K resolution and AI smart features.

For well-heeled home theater enthusiasts wanting the ultimate big-screen LG viewing experience, the OLED Z2 delivers. Large OLED TVs of this caliber were once pure fantasy. The Z2 makes the fantasy a reality for those able to afford it.

Whether you seek the pinnacle of home entertainment or simply a robust smart LG TV at reasonable prices, LG Electronics has you covered in 2023. Find the right model for your needs and enjoy the brilliant pictures and intuitive usability LG owners love.

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