Get Paramount Plus/Roku Device: The Complete 2023 Guide

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Paramount Plus/Roku

Streaming services are all the rage nowadays, with new platforms launching regularly to satisfy our insatiable appetite for entertainment. One of the latest additions to the streaming wars is Paramount+, an offering packed with movies, TV shows, live sports and news, which is now available on Roku devices through the Paramount Plus/Roku streaming channel.

Paramount+ comes from media giant ViacomCBS, building upon the success of their previous streaming venture known as CBS All Access. With a huge catalog of content and original exclusives from brands like CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and more, Paramount+ aims to compete with giants like Netflix and Disney+. The ability to now access Paramount Plus on Roku provides another major platform for the fledgling streaming service to reach audiences and grow its subscriber base.

The streaming service has been quickly expanding its presence across platforms and devices. One of the most popular streaming platforms is Roku, a pioneer in digital media players and smart TV operating systems. Paramount+ is now available as a channel on Roku devices, allowing you to access a world of entertainment directly through your Roku home screen.

But how exactly does Paramount+ work on Roku, and how do you go about setting up access to the streaming library? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about getting Paramount Plus on your Roku device. We’ll cover:

  • Signing up for a Paramount+ account through Roku
  • Choosing the right subscription plan
  • Activating and watching the Paramount+ channel
  • Browsing and streaming shows and movies
  • Managing your Paramount+ subscription
  • Troubleshooting any issues

Plus we’ll provide tips exclusive to the Roku experience, show you all the kids content available, and explain why Roku and Paramount Plus make the perfect streaming match. Let’s get started!

Signing Up for Paramount Plus/Roku

The first step to unlocking Paramount+ is of course to sign up for an account. Thankfully the process is quick and straightforward through your Roku device. Here’s how to get it setup:

Creating a Paramount+ Account on Roku

You can easily create a new Paramount+ account without ever having to leave your Roku interface. Just follow these steps:

  1. From the Roku home screen, go to the Channel Store icon and search for “Paramount+”.
  2. Select the Paramount+ channel icon and click “Add Channel” to install it on your Roku.
  3. Once installed, open the Paramount+ channel. On the welcome screen, you’ll see a “Sign Up Now” option.
  4. Choose either the limited commercials plan for $4.99/month or the commercial-free premium plan for $9.99/month.
  5. Enter your email address and create a password to set up your account.
  6. Input your payment information and billing details to complete registration.

And that’s it! Your Paramount+ account is now ready to activate and start streaming. The whole process only takes a few minutes, with no need to visit their website or app.

Next, let’s look at the available Paramount+ subscription plans to choose the right one for your needs and budget.

Choosing a Paramount+ Subscription Plan

Paramount+ offers two main subscription tiers:

  • Limited Commercials – $4.99/month or $49.99/yearThis base plan shows a limited amount of commercials on the on-demand library only. All live TV streaming is commercial-free.
  • Commercial Free Premium – $9.99/month or $99.99/yearThis premium tier provides completely ad-free access to all on-demand and live content.

The limited commercials plan is perfect for more casual viewers looking to save money. But for uninterrupted streaming, the commercial-free premium package is worth the extra cost.

You also have the flexibility of paying monthly or annually for longer-term savings. For example, the annual commercial-free plan brings the monthly cost down to just $8.33.

Paramount+ also offers a Premium plan add-on that bundles Showtime and other live channels for $14.99/month extra. We’ll cover how to add this later should you choose to upgrade.

Once signed up, activating your Paramount+ subscription on Roku only takes a few more clicks.

Activating the Paramount+ Channel on Roku

After registering for Paramount+, simply open the channel on your Roku and sign in using your new credentials. The steps are:

  1. From the Roku home screen, select the Paramount+ channel icon.
  2. Click on “Sign In” and input your Paramount+ email and password.
  3. Select your profile or add a new profile for personalized watchlists.
  4. Start watching! Browse featured content or search for any movie, show or event.

With just those few simple steps, Paramount+ will verify your subscription and you’ll have full access to stream from your Roku device.

Up next, let’s explore all the features Paramount+ has to offer and how to get the most out of the streaming experience on your Roku.

Using Paramount Plus on Your Roku Device

Once you have Paramount+ activated on your Roku, a world of entertainment options opens up. Here’s a guide to browsing, streaming, and managing your Paramount+ subscription like a pro.

Browsing and Streaming Paramount+ Content

The Paramount+ channel layout makes it easy to find your next binge-worthy show or movie. As you scroll through, you’ll see:

  • Featured Rows – Hand-picked selections of trending and recommended movies and shows.
  • Network Rows – Sections for each network’s library like CBS, Comedy Central, and MTV.
  • A-Z Search – Alphabetical browse of the entire catalog.
  • Categories – Genre rows highlighting comedies, dramas, sci-fi and more.
  • Live TV – Access to live CBS stations and sports like NFL and UEFA matches.

Simply navigate to a title and select “Watch Now” to start streaming. The video will begin instantly with no lag. Paramount+ streams in up to 4K for premium members and HD for regular members.

As you watch, you can pause, rewind, or fast forward as needed. Bookmark content as a favorite, or continue watching where you left off. Up to 6 user profiles allow the whole household to each have their own watch history and recommendations.

Paramount+ Interface and Experience on Roku

The Paramount+ interface feels right at home on Roku devices thanks to full optimization. Menus respond quickly with smooth navigation using the Roku remote or mobile app.

Streaming quality is excellent, providing full HD without major buffering or pixelation issues. Closed captions can be customized to your viewing needs.

One advantage of Roku is the ability to stream Paramount+ to your TV while controlling playback from the Roku mobile app. This allows private listening via headphones connected to your phone or tablet.

Overall the pairing of Paramount+ and Roku makes for a great streaming experience comparable to Netflix or Hulu on the platform.

Now let’s look at managing your Paramount+ subscription directly through your Roku settings and account options.

Paramount Plus/Roku

Managing Your Paramount+ Subscription on Roku

A major perk of subscribing to Paramount Plus/Roku is easy account management without switching apps. You can:

  • Update Payment Method – Add a new credit card or payment account in Roku account settings.
  • Pause Subscription – Temporarily halt billing of Paramount+ for 1-3 months.
  • Cancel Subscription – Disable auto-renew to cancel service at the next billing cycle.
  • Reactivate Subscription – Restart Paramount+ billing after pausing by signing in again.
  • Add Premium Package – Upgrade to include Showtime by managing add-ons.

If ever canceling service, you’ll retain access until the paid period expires. Paused subscriptions let you take a break and come back to pick up where you left off.

Handling everything through Roku makes Paramount+ feel like any other channel. Next up, we’ll cover some tips for avoiding issues plus the robust kids offering.

Tips for Troubleshooting and Optimization

Like any streaming service, you may occasionally run into playback issues or errors with Paramount+. Luckily there are steps you can take to troubleshoot and optimize streaming on your Roku device.

Fixing Common Paramount+ Streaming Problems

If you experience buffering, pixelation, or error messages, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check internet speed – Use a speed test site to confirm your network has at least 5 Mbps bandwidth. Upgrade if needed.
  • Restart your router – Toggle your router off and on to refresh connectivity.
  • Update Roku software – Install the latest firmware for performance fixes.
  • Delete and re-add the channel – Removes any corrupted cached data.
  • Contact support – Get additional help from Roku or Paramount+ if issues persist.

Following these basic steps will solve most playback problems encountered.

Optimizing Streaming Quality and Performance

To maximize video quality and stability, you can:

  • Connect your Roku with ethernet instead of WiFi for faster throughput.
  • Adjust your router settings for optimal signal strength and coverage.
  • Position your Roku closer to the router if using WiFi to improve range.
  • Enable auto quality adjustment in Paramount+ settings to dynamically adapt to network conditions.
  • Set video to always stream in HD instead of auto adjusting to maximize clarity.

With a few quick tweaks to your setup, Paramount+ can deliver an exceptional streaming experience on par with Netflix and Hulu on Roku.

Kids and Family Content on Paramount+

One amazing benefit of Paramount+ is the sheer amount of kids and family programming available. Young ones will love popular shows like:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Paw Patrol
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • iCarly
  • Rugrats

Plus Paramount+ offers new releases like the Rugrats revival series and SpongeBob spinoffs. There’s truly no shortage of iconic Nicktoons and shows to entertain children for hours on end.

Setting up a dedicated kids profile ensures they stay in a family-friendly environment. Use parental controls like rating restrictions as desired.

Up next we’ll recap why Paramount+ should be your streaming service of choice on Roku.

Why Stream Paramount Plus/Roku?

Now that you know the ins and outs of using Paramount Plus/Roku, let’s recap the key benefits that make this streaming duo so powerful:

Massive Content Library

The combination of live sports and news from CBS and endless shows and movies from MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and more gives Paramount+ one of the most diverse catalogs available today. Kids, families, young adults – there’s something for everyone.

Smoother Streaming Experience

Roku devices are designed from the ground up for streaming, providing a more seamless Paramount+ viewing experience versus smart TV platforms. Fast performance, intuitive interface, and robust device ecosystem give Roku the edge.

Hassle-Free Account Management

Managing your Paramount+ subscription directly through your Roku account settings is extremely convenient. Change plans, pause, reactivate, and more without switching apps or websites.

More Affordable 4K HDR Viewing

For premium subscribers, Paramount+ unlocks 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision streaming on select Roku models. You get ultra HD viewing quality at a lower price point than competitors.

Kids Profile and Parental Controls

Robust kids settings let you restrict mature content and craft the perfect Paramount+ environment for children filled with age-appropriate shows.

More Device Options

Roku streaming players and smart TVs offer affordable and easy ways to get Paramount+ on any TV no matter the age. More display options mean more streaming flexibility.

Roku Mobile App Controls

Unique second screen features via the Roku mobile app provide private listening, voice search, keyboard text entry, and more ways to control the experience beyond the remote.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to an unbeatable content lineup and smooth technical performance, Paramount Plus/Roku makes cutting cable easy and affordable. Signing up is quick and painless while still providing complete control over your subscription. Take advantage of their free one week trial to enjoy full access across all your devices. With new originals arriving regularly, Paramount+ brings a leading library together with Roku’s streaming expertise – making it the ultimate combination for home entertainment.

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