PS5 Bundles: Use Packages to Save Big on Games & Accessories

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PS5 Bundle

PlayStation 5 (PS5) bundles have become extremely popular options for getting your hands on Sony’s latest next-generation console. With incredible high demand and low supply of standalone PS5 consoles, bundles allow buyers to purchase the console as part of a packaged deal. These bundles add great overall value by combining the PS5 with must-have accessories, games, subscriptions and more.

PS5 bundles come in various options from Sony directly or major retailers. You can find bundles focused on hardware extras like an extra DualSense controller or PS5 HD camera. Game bundles feature hot PS5 titles like Spiderman: Miles Morales or Horizon Forbidden West. Some bundles combine both hardware and software.

Buying a PS5 as part of a thoughtfully curated bundle offers several benefits:

  • Cost savings compared to purchasing items separately
  • Improved availability during periods of low PS5 stock
  • Convenience of getting everything you need in one package
  • Flexibility across different bundle configurations
  • Added value from bundled items you were planning to buy anyway

With the right PS5 bundle, you get the most out of your PS5 investment from day one. This detailed guide will cover the top bundles available, what to look for when choosing a bundle, where to buy, FAQs, and pro tips to help you find the perfect PS5 bundle for your needs and budget.

Top PS5 Bundles Available

Sony and major retailers offer a wide selection of PS5 bundles to choose from. Here are some of the top options currently available or announced across various bundle types.

Sony Official PS5 Bundles

As the manufacturer of PlayStation 5, Sony releases official bundles from time to time.

  • Launch Bundles – Early PS5 bundles included extras like an additional DualSense controller or the launch game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
  • First Party Game Bundles – Sony bundles the PS5 with its own exclusive games like the God of War: Ragnarok bundle announced for November 2022.
  • Hardware Focused Bundles – Some Sony bundles add PS5 accessories like the HD camera, media remote or Pulse 3D wireless headset.

By purchasing directly from PlayStation, you can take advantage of these official bundles carefully designed by Sony to enhance the PS5 experience.

Retailer PS5 Bundles

Major retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon and more also offer great PS5 bundle options.

  • Retailer Created Bundles¬† Retailers compile their own PS5 game, accessory and subscription bundles.
  • Exclusive Deals – Retailers secure exclusive bundle offers not available elsewhere.
  • Flexible Options – Large retailers can offer many configurations like a console plus an extra controller or multiplayer game bundles.
  • Inventory Allocation – More bundle inventory versus standalone consoles at times.
  • Preorder Access – Retailer bundles are available for preorder when supply is low.

Checking major retailer listings expands your options to find a bundle that perfectly matches your budget and PS5 wishlist.

Third Party PS5 Bundles

Third party accessory makers, game publishers and other companies also create PS5 bundles.

  • Accessory Bundles – Get PS5 consoles bundled with headsets, chargers, cables etc.
  • Game Publisher Bundles – Game makers like EA and Activision bundle their titles with PS5.
  • Service Bundles – Companies like PlayStation Plus bundle membership with PS5.
  • Themed Bundles – Special edition bundles tailored for particular games or interests.

Think beyond Sony and mainstream retailers. Third party PS5 bundles offer more variety in many cases.

With this broad selection of official, retailer and third party bundles available, you can find an option that delivers everything you want in one convenient package. Check back frequently as new PS5 bundles are announced all the time.

Benefits of Choosing a PS5 Bundle

Buying a PlayStation 5 as part of a thoughtfully bundled package offers several advantages compared to purchasing just the standalone console.

Cost Savings

The primary benefit of PS5 bundles is the cost savings compared to buying all items separately. Bundles effectively give you discounts on the additional accessories, games, subscriptions and more that are included. You can save anywhere from $50 up to $150+ depending on the bundle.

Improved Availability

PS5 restocks sell out instantly, but retailers often allocate more stock to bundles versus standalone consoles. Bundle inventory tends to last a bit longer during periods of low supply. So, opting for a bundle improves your chances of securing that elusive PS5.

Added Convenience

Rather than tracking down the console, games, and accessories separately, bundles let you get everything in one convenient package. This saves you time and effort trying to hunt down must-have PS5 gear.

Enhanced Value

If a PS5 bundle includes accessories, games or services you already planned to purchase, you get even more value from the discounted bundled items you’ll actually use.

Full Experience from the Start

Bundles with extra controllers, headsets, PS Plus membership give you everything you need on day one for the optimal PS5 experience and multiplayer fun.


With various bundle configurations available, you can likely find one that caters specifically to your needs whether that’s extra controllers, certain games, accessories etc.

For all these reasons, seeking out a PS5 bundle is undoubtedly worth it over trying to buy just the standalone console. You maximize the value of your PS5 purchase while getting added peace of mind knowing you secured the new-gen console.

Top Accessories to Have in a Bundle

To maximize the value and complete experience from a PS5 bundle, here are some of the top accessories to look for:

Extra DualSense Controller

Having an additional PS5 controller is a must for local multiplayer gaming on the couch or online with friends. The innovative DualSense controller normally costs $70 MSRP, so bundling one can add significant savings. Considering many popular PS5 titles like FIFA 23, Call of Duty, and NBA 2K23 are designed for head-to-head and online multiplayer, a second controller enables this right out of the box.

PS5 HD Camera

Sony’s official HD camera enhances streams, video calls and in-game broadcasting by providing smooth, sharp 1080p capture. Typically $60 MSRP when purchased separately, the HD camera is a smart addition bundled with the console. Gamers who enjoy live streaming their PS5 gameplay to Twitch or YouTube will find the HD camera an essential accessory.

PS5 Gaming Headset

An immersive gaming headset like the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset improves audio depth and spatial surround sound in your games while letting you clearly chat with online teammates. Headsets bundled with PS5 start around $100 MSRP versus purchasing alone. For multiplayer titles like Fortnite or console classics like God of War Ragnarok, a gaming headset elevates the experience and is a gamer staple.

Media Remote

For watching movies, streaming shows and navigating apps on your PS5, Sony’s media remote simplifies controls and navigation versus using the standard controller. It’s around $30 MSRP standalone but provides a better entertainment viewing experience so a useful PS5 accessory to bundle. Casual gamers who plan to use their PS5 as an entertainment hub will find the media remote particularly beneficial.

PlayStation Plus Membership

A PlayStation Plus membership unlocks online multiplayer, free monthly games, exclusive discounts and cloud saves. 1 year subscriptions normally cost $60 MSRP when bought individually. For online multiplayer gamers, bundling PS Plus is incredibly valuable since it’s required for online play. The membership essentially pays for itself by providing 24 free games per year as well.

PS5 Games

Bundles containing hit PS5 games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West or the latest entries in series like Call of Duty, FIFA, and Madden maximize your entertainment options from day one. Top game titles easily cost $60 or more each, so bundling saves substantially while giving you must-play hits immediately.

Think about which accessories and extras would be most valuable to you personally based on your PS5 gaming habits and interests. Then look for bundles catering to your wishlist to maximize savings on the items you’d buy anyway.

What to Consider When Buying a PS5 Bundle

With the wide selection of bundle options available, it’s important to weigh a few factors when choosing the right PS5 bundle for your needs and budget:

Bundle Value

Take some time to calculate the total value of all included bundle items if you were to purchase them separately at MSRP. Then, compare that total to the overall bundle price. Look for bundles that provide at least $100 or more in cumulative savings off individual prices to maximize value.

Bundle Contents

Carefully review everything included in the bundle to ensure it contains accessories, games, or components that you actually want and realistically plan to use. Avoid bundles with filler extras thrown in that will go unused to inflate the bundle. Read bundle content descriptions closely.

Bundle Availability

Keep in mind retailers and third-party companies only sell certain PS5 bundles in specific regions or countries. Make sure the exact bundle configuration you want shows as available in your area before purchasing. Don’t assume all bundles can ship to you.

Returns and Exchanges

Many bundle components like full game downloads, PS Plus membership cards, and PlayStation Store currency cards cannot be returned or refunded once activated and redeemed. Understand the return policies for all pieces of the bundle beforehand.

Console Color Variant

If snagging the PS5 in a particular color like the black plates version matters to you for aesthetic reasons, double check which PS5 console color variant is included with the bundle. Often the default is white, but sometimes the darker black.

Shipping Fees

Larger bundles with multiple accessories and games may incur extra shipping fees from some retailers, especially if any bundle components ship separately. Factor these costs in or look for retailers offering free shipping on orders above a certain price threshold.

Bundle Discounts

Do the math to calculate the effective discounts you’re getting on the bundle overall and each component versus buying everything in the bundle at full price separately. This ensures you’re getting a solid deal and maximizing the value bundles provide.

Doing your due diligence before committing to a particular PS5 bundle pays dividends in the long run. You want to end up with a bundle that genuinely caters to your wishlist while taking full advantage of the savings bundles provide over individual purchases.

PS5 Bundle

Tips for Finding the Best PS5 Bundle For You

Use these pro tips to help locate and choose the ideal PS5 bundle catered to your gaming needs and budget:

Match the Bundle to Your Planned Accessories

If you already know you definitely want to purchase extras like an additional DualSense controller, gaming headset, and media remote for your PS5, try to purchase a bundle that includes those exact items you’ll use. This allows you to get them at a discounted rate rather than having to buy separately later at full MSRP.

Pick Games You Actually Want to Play

For PS5 bundles focused on games, carefully select ones containing launch titles and exclusives aligned with the genres, franchises, and gameplay types you enjoy most. This ensures you get the most entertainment value out of the bundled games. Avoid bundles with randomly selected games just for the sake of more stuff.

Compare Bundle Deals Across Retailers

Don’t feel you have to commit and purchase the first PS5 bundle you come across. Do some comparison shopping and price check bundles across a variety of major retailers as well as PlayStation Direct to find the best combination of value, content and availability. Sign up for price drop alerts on your favorite.

Follow Restock Trackers

Leverage free online PS5 restock tracker tools from sites like Stock Informer to get alerts as soon as your desired PS5 bundles are back in stock anywhere. This notification lets you checkout fast before that limited inventory sells out again.

Check Lesser Known Retailers

Don’t limit your search to just the major national chains. Also, browse and inquire about PS5 bundle stock and pricing at regional electronics stores, local gaming stores, and lesser known online retailers. Some fly under the radar and get less bundle demand.

Ask About Open Box Bundle Deals

If shopping in electronics stores, ask about open box PS5 bundle deals which are often lightly used customer returns discounted 20% or more from original pricing. Just inspect closely for any damage before purchase.

Actually Sign Up For In Stock Alerts

Rather than just say you’ll check back routinely, sign up on retailer sites for immediate email or text notifications when your desired bundles restock. This prompt notification is key to beating the crowds.

Watch for Holiday and Events Bundle Promotions

Keep an eye out for special limited-time PS5 bundle offers likely to appear around peak shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sports game bundles also coincide with seasons.

With some strategic research and planning, you can zero in on a PS5 bundle catered perfectly to your accessory wishlist, game interests, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About PS5 Bundles

What comes in a standard PS5 bundle?

A typical baseline PS5 bundle includes the console and one extra DualSense controller. Some also add games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales or accessories like an extra controller charging station.

Are PS5 bundles more expensive than buying the console alone?

PS5 bundles actually offer savings compared to buying all items separately. You typically save $100+ off buying the bundled games and accessories individually.

Where can I buy a PS5 bundle?

Major retailers like GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target all sell a variety of PS5 bundles. PlayStation Direct also offers official Sony bundles.

Do PS5 bundles guarantee I’ll be able to get the console?

Bundles improve your chances of securing a PS5 due to higher inventory allocations. But the console remains in extremely high demand, so nothing is guaranteed.

Can I return or exchange items from a PS5 bundle?

Policies vary by retailer. Games and used DualSense controllers generally can’t be returned. You may be able to return some unopened accessories. Read fine print!

How much more do bundles cost versus the PS5 digital edition?

PS5 bundles range from $550-$750+ depending on contents. The standalone digital edition is $400, so bundles carry $150-$350 in added value.

Should I wait for a PS5 bundle or try buying the console now?

If you mainly just want the PS5 ASAP, you can try your luck finding a standalone unit. Bundles are smarter if you also want games and extras.

What is the best PS5 bundle for casual gamers?

Look for a bundle tailored for multimedia like including the media remote and entertainment apps or subscriptions. Avoid hardcore gamer bundles.

How often do new PS5 bundles get released?

Sony and retailers add new PS5 bundle configurations frequently. There are always fresh options every month aligned with new game launches.


Finding where to buy the PlayStation 5 has been exceedingly difficult since its launch with such high demand. Yet PS5 bundles offer a clever way to secure Sony’s latest and greatest console by packaging it together with must-have games, accessories, and subscriptions valued by gamers.

As covered throughout this guide, PS5 bundles provide:

  • Cost savings compared to purchasing bundle contents individually
  • better chance of getting the console during low stock conditions
  • Added convenience of getting everything you need in one package
  • Flexible options across different retailer and third party bundle configurations
  • The ability to customize your bundle based on your gaming needs

Top bundles include extra controllers, accessories like headsets or the HD camera, and hit games like Spiderman, Horizon Forbidden West, and the latest sports and multiplayer titles. Leading retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, Target, and PlayStation Direct all offer PS5 bundles with new options arriving regularly.

When choosing a PS5 bundle, calculate its total value, confirm contents, check availability in your region, understand return policies, and ensure it aligns with the PS5 accessories and games on your wishlist. Finding the right bundle tailored specifically for you takes research but pays off.

While buying a standalone PS5 console remains highly competitive, strategically selecting a value-packed PS5 bundle improves your odds substantially. With patience, persistence, and the tips in this guide, you’ll be equipped to track down the perfect PlayStation 5 bundle and enjoy the whole experience on day one.

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