PS5 Slim: Everything We Know About Sony’s Rumored PS5 Redesign

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PS5 Slim

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) first launched in November 2020 as Sony’s latest entry in the console gaming space. Powered by cutting-edge internals like a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, RDNA 2 GPU, and an ultra-fast SSD, the PS5 delivered a major generational leap for the PlayStation ecosystem.

Now in 2023, rumors are swirling that Sony is prepping a hardware refresh dubbed the PS5 Slim – a thinner, lighter, and more optimized version of the console. But what changes and upgrades can gamers expect? And when will it actually hit the market?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dig into all of the leaks, rumors, pricing hints, speculated tech specs, and other key details surrounding the proposed PS5 Slim to piece together an early profile of what Sony might be cooking up.

Overview and Expectations

As with past PlayStation console generations, it is common for Sony to release a redesigned “Slim” model a few years into the lifecycle. This allows for cost optimizations on components that have reduced in price, while also refreshing interest in the platform.

The PS5 Slim aims to follow in previous Slim models’ footsteps by trimming down size, weight, and other elements while retaining the same core performance. Early indications point to the following changes:

  • Smaller overall footprint and thinner profile – As the name suggests, going for a more compact product.
  • Lighter weight – Reducing size often allows reducing weight as well.
  • Improved cooling and reduced noise – Less heat output and quieter fans.
  • Potential shift to all-digital with optional disc drive – Following industry moves away from physical media.
  • Subtle design refreshed – Modernized look aligns with current styling trends.

At the same time, major internals like the CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD will likely remain unchanged or only see marginal improvements. The PS5 Slim is not expected to be a huge technical leap over the original models.

Let’s dive into the rumors and leaks surrounding the possible PS5 Slim to understand better what may be in the pipeline.

Launch Date Rumors and Timeline Clues

The first whispers of a PS5 Slim emerged not too long after the console’s late 2020 debut. Sony has a long history of rolling out hardware refreshes a few years into each PlayStation generation. Here’s the release timeline for previous Slim models:

  • PlayStation One – Launched 2000 (6 years after original)
  • PlayStation 2 – Launched 2004 (4 years after original)
  • PlayStation 3 – Launched 2009 (3 years after original)

Based on those generational trends, speculation arose in 2022 and early 2023 of a PS5 Slim possibly arriving in late 2023 or 2024. This would put it roughly 3-4 years after the initial PS5 launch.

Some other key timing indicators and rumors:

  • Early reports suggested a 2023 target for a PS5 Slim unveil and launch.
  • Leaks circulated pointing to a possible September 2023 release for the slim model.
  • October 2023 – Sony officially announced PS5 Slim details and a November launch.
  • The announcement lines up with roughly 3 years since the original PS5 hit the market.

Sony’s formal reveal confirms that the PS5 Slim is right on track with past PlayStation console refresh cadences. The 4th quarter 2023 launch falls squarely in the expected window for a slimmed-down successor.

With the official details direct from Sony now clarified, the next area of interest around the PS5 Slim will be just how much of a design overhaul it brings, what changes it makes under the hood, and how pricing holds up. Read on for a closer look at those key factors.

Speculated Pricing and Models

Pricing for the PS5 Slim pre-reveal was largely rumor and conjecture based on past PlayStation console generations. The PS5 currently comes in two versions whose pricing may indicate where a PS5 Slim would land:

  • $499 – Standard model with 4K blu-ray disc drive
  • $399 – Digital Edition without a disc drive

Early speculation centered around Sony possibly keeping pricing the same or potentially shaving $50-100 off those price points. A bigger question was whether the PS5 Slim would stick with two models or move to just a single all-digital unit.

Post-reveal, we now know the pricing picture:

  • $499 – PS5 Slim with disc drive
  • $449 – PS5 Slim Digital Edition

Sony is sticking with the same pricing strategy as the original models. But they are adding some new accessories to complement the Slim:

  • $79.99 – Detachable disc drive add-on for Digital Edition
  • $29.99 – Updated vertical stand

The pricing validity confirms rumors of no major drop for the Slim. Sony is keeping pricing consistent even 3 years after launch. But buyers do get more flexibility with the disc drive add-on option.

Next up we’ll examine the industrial design and hardware changes that help define what the PS5 Slim aims to deliver as part of the console refresh.

PS5 Slim Design and Hardware Revisions

The physical design and underlying hardware of the PS5 Slim are where we expect to see the most obvious changes compared to the original models. Sony has touted a slimmer and lighter console, which points to a fresh industrial design and likely component optimizations.

Size and Weight

According to Sony’s official specs, the PS5 Slim will be:

  • 30% smaller in overall volume
  • 18-24% lighter depending on the Digital or Disc model

The current PS5 towers are 15.4 x 10.2 x 4.1 inches. So a 30% smaller volume would make the Slim roughly 10.8 x 7.1 x 2.9 inches. The weight drops from 9.9 pounds down to around 7.7-8.1 pounds.

These shrinkages result in a product that takes up less space and is easier to move around and position in entertainment centers.

4 Side Panels

Rather than the original PS5’s two side panels, the Slim features four detachable plates – two on each side. The top is a glossy black plastic while the bottom matches the matte white finish of the original.

This new four panel setup serves a couple of purposes:

  • Provides an updated, clean aesthetic
  • Allows the bottom right panel to be swapped for a disc drive on the Digital Edition. This introduces modular flexibility where users can add or remove the drive.

Other Design Elements

Beyond the core size and panel changes, the Slim also appears to sport a few other design tweaks:

  • Slightly curved body shape and proportions
  • Moved and condensed the internal cooling vents
  • LED lighting adjustment and possibly new colors
  • Front I/O panel with dual USB-C ports rather than mixed USB-A and C

Add it all up, and the PS5 Slim refreshes the visual design language while still retaining familiar PlayStation 5 elements.

Internal Hardware Revisions

With the smaller chassis comes the opportunity to refine and optimize some of the internal hardware components. But as this is not a “Pro” model, massive performance upgrades are unlikely.

Here’s what may change under the hood:

  • 1TB SSD – Increased from 825GB on original models
  • Wi-Fi 6E – Potentially upgraded wireless connectivity
  • CPU/GPU – Likely same specs but new chip packaging to save space
  • Cooling – Revised thermal system to run quieter and cooler

The extra SSD space gives some nice additional breathing room for storing games. And upgrades to Wi-Fi or cooling would be very welcome improvements. But at its core, the PS5 Slim offers more of a condensed, optimized PS5 experience rather than a performance revolution.

With the physical design and hardware upgrades covered, next we’ll dive into the various leaks that offered early glimpses of what the PS5 Slim may entail.

Analyzing PS5 Slim Leaks and Rumors

In the months leading up to Sony’s official PS5 Slim reveal, various leaks and rumors provided early hints at what the refreshed console could entail. These ranged from leaked images to regulatory filings referencing details.

While nothing was certain until Sony’s confirmation, examining these leaks with hindsight provides an interesting view of how accurate the speculation was.

Leak #1: Alleged PS5 Slim Shell Videos

In August 2023, short video clips emerged claimed to showcase the outer shell of the PS5 Slim:

  • It showed a thinner, smaller shell being handled
  • Four detachable side panels are visible
  • Disc drive bulge present but also empty space for non-drive model
  • Overall design matches the final product minus some lighting and styling diffs

Verdict: The leaked shell videos accurately depicted the shrunken size, 4-plate design, and detachable disc drive bulge of the real PS5 Slim. A solid leak!

Leak #2: Microsoft FTC Documents

As part of an FTC antitrust lawsuit, Microsoft filings referenced the PS5 Slim as if it was planned for 2023:

  • Stated the PS5 Slim would release in 2023
  • Hinted at a $399 price point for a digital-only model
  • Microsoft positioned it as a key 2023 PlayStation console

Verdict: Microsoft’s information was spot on regarding the PS5 Slim coming in 2023. The $399 digital price was off, but pricing was clearly still being decided.

Leak #3: Regulatory Filings

FCC filings for a mysterious Sony console surfaced before the PS5 Slim unveil:

  • Submitted under model number CFI-1200
  • Included instructions and diagrams of the device
  • Showed testing for Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity

Verdict: The CFI-1200 filings ended up being for the PS5 Slim based on the model number. The Wi-Fi 6E testing also lines up with speculation of wireless upgrades. Solid regulatory intel!

The Road to Launch

Looking back, these various leaks combined to paint a fairly accurate picture of the PS5 Slim ahead of time. While specifics like pricing were initially uncertain, the overall form and features came through.

It underscores how leaks from supply chain sources, regulatory agencies, and even company rivals can provide early warning signs of major tech product launches.

For prospective PS5 buyers, the leaks set reasonable expectations leading up to Sony’s official unveil. Now with the full details out, attention turns to the Slim’s upcoming launch and reception.

PS5 Slim

What to Expect: PS5 Slim Outlook and Impact

With Sony’s official PS5 Slim announcement, we now have clarity on when it will launch along with pricing and the major changes it brings. But looking ahead, what could be the broader implications and reactions to the PS5 Slim entering the market?

Replacing the Original Models

Sony indicated the PS5 Slim would fully replace the launch edition models going forward. Rather than being sold alongside, the Slim will become the new standard PS5 once the inventory of original units is sold through.

This makes sense from a manufacturing standpoint, allowing Sony to focus production on a single, optimized model. For new PS5 buyers, it simply means the Slim will now be the default model available. Existing PS5 owners can keep using original consoles without any change.

Future-Proofing Playstation 5

While the PS5 is only 3 years old, the Slim refreshing the hardware further future-proofs the platform. Components like the SSD and wireless connectivity get upgrades to current standards, keeping the console feeling fresh.

The four-panel modular design also allows Sony to test the waters on a disc drive-less model. If physical media wanes more in the future, the PS5 Slim has the flexibility to adapt.

Cost Savings

For Sony, a motivation for the Slim is cost reduction. It allows them to move to smaller, cheaper chip fabrication processes as technology matures. Cooling and power efficiency improvements also lower operating costs over time. With millions of units involved, even small per-unit savings add up.

Maintaining Interest

Console makers always have to be aware of their products going stale, especially 6+ years into a generation. The PS5 Slim generates renewed buzz and interest around PlayStation 5. The subtle redesign and feature additions provide just enough of a facelift to get people excited again.

Wider Industry Impact

With the console wars as fierce as ever, the PS5 Slim puts some pressure on Microsoft to respond. They are rumored to have their own Xbox Series S/X updates in the pipeline. It becomes a game of leapfrog between the console rivals. Ultimately, the increased competition benefits gamers through more innovation.

The PS5 Slim may not represent a massive leap over the original PS5, but it keeps Sony’s console ecosystem feeling fresh and optimized. For potential buyers or upgraders, Holiday 2023 now looks like an exciting window to experience PlayStation 5 in its latest form.

PS5 Slim: The Next Generation of PlayStation 5

Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation 5 Slim marks the first major hardware refresh within the PS5 console generation. By drawing on Sony’s announcements and the many leaks preceding it, we can piece together a comprehensive profile of what the PS5 Slim aims to deliver.

In many ways, it follows the playbook of previous PlayStation Slim models by retaining core performance while trimming down size, weight, and other elements. Key improvements include:

  • Smaller overall footprint and thinner profile
  • Lighter and more portable form factor
  • 1TB SSD storage bump from original 825GB
  • Potential for Wi-Fi 6E and improved cooling
  • New four panel modular design with detachable plates
  • Flexibility for adding/removing disc drive
  • Subtle aesthetic updates to the styling

While not as dramatic of a leap as a full-blown PS5 Pro might bring, the PS5 Slim provides measurable upgrades in smart areas. And it gives Sony the opportunity to optimize costs as the console matures.

With an official November 2023 launch confirmed, the PS5 Slim will soon become the standard PlayStation 5 model available. It continues Sony’s tradition of thoughtfully evolved console redesigns to keep each generation feeling fresh.

For prospective PS5 buyers, Holiday 2023 shapes up to be an exciting window to jump into the new generation. Existing owners can choose to upgrade or stick with the original models. But overall, the PS5 Slim retains everything that made the PlayStation 5 great while packing some smart refinements.

Sony appears to be executing well on the PS5 lifecycle so far. It will be interesting to see how the Slim sells and if a bigger mid-generation Pro upgrade arrives down the road. But for now, the PlayStation 5 future looks bright, and players can expect great experiences whether they opt for original or Slim models.

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